Sunday, May 31, 2009

scoobidy doo

It was the most beautiful day today, almost perfect. Here is what I wore...

I'm loving this scarf style (today I'm wearing two at once...oh man!), and it goes with everything and is easy to do so you'll probably see it on me a lot more this summer.

Other than that, I adore this rubix-cube like bangle and the cute straw clutch - very summery.

I am trying very hard to appreciate and take advantage of every sweet summer day because I know that they will be gone soon and I will wish for them back...

Also, take a look at my cute photographer in the above photo - awwww!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


This is what I wore to see my bro's jazz concert tonight...

I love the back detail on this top...very sexy and summery. I didn't try to match the scarf to the top, but about three hours after I put it on I realized that the blues really do almost match.

I went for a gold cuff with a peacock feather on it with a wooden bangle and and brown clutch.

So here's the question - do the black shoes work with this outfit? They're really cool - the gold strip is really a zipper if you can't see it - but looking at the pictures (one of the benefits of daily outfit posts, you get to actually stand back and look at yourself) I don't know if it works. What does everyone else think?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

red and black

This is what I wore today - yay! This red shirt is a thrift store find as are the shoes that are in perfect condition.

This is one of my new Forever 21

I like putting the headband with the blouse because I think it mixes cutesy and edgy, and I like to experiment with mixing different types of styles.

Sigh, today's my first day back at work after my lovely one week vacation. I have amazing natural Door County soap for my favorite co-workers (shhh...don't tell the others!) and am looking forward to see what (if any) great pieces came in while I was away.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments - they make my day!


tryin' new things

I needed to get ready in a hurry and this is what I came up with. It's kind of crazy, but I like that about it.

I am in love with this Charlie Chaplin-esque hat and this gold clutch (it doesn't hold much, but...)

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went and did a bit of shopping (I know, I know...I really am becoming a shopaholic...I need help...or self-discipline), and I found the most adorable headbands at Forever 21. I can't wait to wear them - they look especially chic with my short hair. Plus, they are very wallet friendly.

So...I am going to be going to a wedding in late June and am starting to formulate ideas for what to wear...any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

back for the world to see...

Hello, all, I'm back. Sorry for my absence, I've been relaxing and not thinking about stressful things up in the peninsula of Door County!

Here are the outfits I rocked on vacation...

This adorable cherry dress is a thrift store find. It is brilliant white (I almost had a disaster - I spilled red soup all over it, being the klutz I am, but thanks to cold water and Tide-To-Go, the pristine color and condition were saved) with bright red cherries - perfect for Door County.

It was a little cool, hence the jeans, and this marvelous brown bag held everything plus a little - perfect for a vacation.

We stayed in a family cottage in Jacksonport. It is a real log cabin (no furnace or air conditioning - only a fireplace!) that has been in our family for over sixty years. It is right on Lake Michigan so you can hear the waves even when you're inside. Here are some pictures...also, there is a short video at the end of the post if you would like to see inside the cottage.

Before my trip I went to a thrift store in Waukesha that I'd never been to before (more on that later) and found these awesome bifocal glasses. They were only $.99, so I bought two pairs (only one is pictured above) and had my dad help me pop the lenses out. I love the result - so much more fun than basic black nerdy glasses - a chic tortoise shell twist.

Here is an outfit I wore last week...

I love this vintage lemon yellow blouse. This blouse was one of my finds when I ventured to the Waukesha thrift store. They were having the most amazing sale a fashionista could ever hope to find - one brown grocery bag full of clothes, shoes, and purses for only $10. Can you believe that?!?! When I went to check out, they rolled everything up so it hardly took up any room in the bag and the sales ladies were like "you can fit more things, you can fit more things!" So I kept running back to the clothes and searching for treasures. Needless to say, I found a few, and they will be featured soon.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

inside of a dog...

Hey, all, check out these pants! They're from the lovely H&M...and I got them for a mere $5 - can you believe it? That is one reason I love sales...I would never have bought these pants for $30, but for $5, I would, and I think they're totally great.

This is a purse I got from work, and I absolutely love the bright red with these pants.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Here's today's outfit! The designs on the dress are blue roses, which I thought were totally unique and cool. I also like the flirty hem on the dress.

This blazer is the go-to for all my blazer-to-cover-up-the-top-of-the-dress needs.

On the blazer lapel is my awesome vintage Ringo Starr pin - yay Ringo!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

what do I do when my love is away

This is what I wore to work on Saturday. I'm totally loving this flowery pencil skirt.

This necklace I'm wearing is one that I made a while ago. I'm getting really into wearing jewelry that I've made. I'm super duper busy with school and work so I don't really have time to make any new things now, but after school ends in about two weeks, we'll have to see if the creative juices are flowing.

Love to you all - you are all magnificent!

I think I love what am I so afraid of?

Here is what I wore to work today. I'm glad I could go - I sprained my back bad yesterday but it's doing a lot better tonight. Good! At least it got me out of three classes this morning.

In this outfit I was going for kind of a safari-ish globe trotter-ish look. This skirt is really is really a dress, but I wanted to try out this flowy top. Turns out I spent the whole night pulling the sleeves up and stuff and stuff, but, you know.


Friday, May 1, 2009

roller coaster...favorite ride?

So...this last week has been another roller coaster (hence the's also a good song) ride of work, school, love, anger, this, that, and the other. Here is what I have been wearing when I remembered to take pictures...

I absolutely love this red hat that I wore today. I think it's extra groovy with my vintage-y Mickey and Minnie shirt.

It's been damp, rainy, and cold the last couple of days. Last week Saturday it was pouring rain (delicious weather) and everyone at work was the very epitome of grouchiness. They blamed it on the thunder and rain, one guy in particular. This I don't understand. First of all, you get to experience the power of nature first hand, secondly, being out in the rain is such a sleek, slippery, sensual, and primitive feeling. Like that one song goes, everything's better when wet. It really is. I don't know...I just love it and I crave a good rainy day, especially with lots of thunder and lightning.

And that other song goes...whether it rains or shines, it's just a state of mind. Word.
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