Thursday, December 31, 2009

war is over...if you want it

I've had a fun filled week complete with sticky Cinnabons and car trouble. I've been trying to get something done with my complete ditherspaz of a camera, and at least I've gotten a tripod to use now! Yay, no more setting the camera on every sketchy surface possible! So, I'm pumped about that. Also, I received the amazing sequined blazer a la H&M from my parents for Christmas. I was a bit ecstatic when I opened it because I had wanted it so bad and not expected to get it...I cannot wait to debut it. Other memorable pressies include Revlon lipstick in Va Va Violet (from my bro), and a gorillapod (from my boyfriend).

Here is my outfit for running around today. I'm wearing textured tights that are, essentially, a sweater for your legs. Quite lovely. Also, this pretty cropped cardi I got on sale for $5...isn't the print lovely?

And, since it's the last of the Oughties, I suppose it's time for a resolution. Or two. Or not, actually, since I only have one. And that is to have no resolutions. I hate having them each year and then just not going through with any of them. It's depressing really. I want change, not just a resolution.

So, what has happened in my life the past decade? I've graduated high school (and elementary school...and middle school, for that matter), I've started going out with my wonderful boyfriend, I've gone to Disneyworld for the first time, moved from the house I grew up in, gotten stitches, and started a fashion blog. I've also had five jobs, including the two I'm presently working at. And some bits and bobs in between. You know.

Well, happy New Year to all of you...start the year out right!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the ox and mule kept time

I've gotten so tired of seeing myself in black tights nearly every single day, so I busted out some purdy green ones. They match the color of the tree in the background. I also got out my vintage faux fur muff which I am soooooo happy I scored from a thrift store last spring.

By the way...last night I had a dream that I could moonwalk like Michael...

Monday, December 21, 2009

ready to sing your song?

I am now letting out what seems like the biggest sigh of relief I've ever sighed in my whole life. Maybe, but I'll probably say the next thing at the end of next semester. This morning I finished my last final and handed in my last term paper. I'm done! Well, for this semester, anyways. But still.

I know you probably want to slap me for wearing these boots again, but sorry. I wanted to bust out this fab red blazer and thought they would go well. I paired the blazer with easy peasy black leggings and a black tank...for simplicity's sake. Then I added some oversized pearl necklaces to finish the look. Oh, and these long black gloves, almost forgot them. Add all that to big poofy hair and a steely stare and we've come to the first pic!

Now some post exam celebration!

My weekend went well...what did I do? I worked. I had my friend Jackie sleep over and locked her keys in her car. Oh, yeah, I had to get my dad out there in the freezing morning with a wire hanger trying to unlock it somehow. No luck, and of course, she was late for her starring role in a Christmas program. Seriously, I don't make these stories up. This is my life. Gotta love it.

"What I want means more than and peace for everyone!"


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

stink, stank, stunk!

Well, I promised yesterday so now I am procrastinating in my studying to bring you this post. Ta da! Yeah, my purse is sooooooo jam of the downfalls of a super huge purse - you forget what's in there until you can't fit through a doorway properly with it.

Tomorrow I have two finals, Logic and Sociology of Race and Ethnicity - one right after the other. Then, I only have to write one more paper and take one more exam and I'm finished for the term! Then I get a nice month long break that I will fill with cuddling, sledding, reading, lazing, and all that other good stuff. Oh, and of course dressing to the max and then blogging about it. Per usual. Ha.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

...I'd pick the seasick crocodile

I am having the most horrible week. First off I completely failed at my impromptu go at the temple blocks during Sleigh Ride at the winter concert. Secondly, this is exam week and that just fails all over the place with studying and all that. Thirdly, yesterday as I was jumping over a puddle to avoid getting my little pink shoes wet I ripped the dress I was wearing all the way up the back. Yes, all the bits and bobs you don't want showing in the wintery sun were right out there for everyone to see! Yes indeed. So, I had to wear my coat tied around my waist and therefore froze to death walking to all my classes. Ah, such is my life. I hope it was entertaining for you to imagine me with my bum hanging out gasping and thrashing to save the world. I swear, the things I do for all of you. Actually I didn't do it for all of you, but I did tell you. For you. Because I love you. All of you.

Oh, and of course, it was too cold and dark to take pics outside soooo, here are the badly lighted ones from inside my house. I swear I look so much taller and slimmer when I take pics outside. Plus, the lighting is just ghastly. Oh, I said that already. Sorry.

I have two finals on Thursday, so tomorrow I will study. And study. With a bit of studying sauce on the side. Appetizing, I know. Hopefully I'll dress up in something cute when it comes time for work...I hope not to disappoint you all. Because I love you. Oh, I said that already, too. Seriously. Well, I do.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

you're a nasty wasty skunk

Um, ok. Now I realize that this picture is a complete magafail because of the blurriness factor, but you have to understand that it was 0 degrees outside and there's me setting the camera on my car and taking outfit shots for my blog. So...I wasn't going to post one but then I would have frozen my bum off for no reason, so here is what I wore today.

Ever since my sweet boyfriend bought me this camera last Christmas it has kind of failed at life and hopefully we are getting it fixed or replaced over break!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

may your days be merry and bright...

So, today I woke up and immediately checked my university website to see if they had closed because of the snow. Nope. Then, I put on my snow-shoveling gear and headed out to help my dad shovel our driveway. Let me tell you, this is not nice soft fluffy snow. This snow is heavy and wet. It took us about an hour to shovel our driveway. Seriously. Then I went and shoveled part of my Grandma's driveways as well. After all the shoveling business I had to get off to school. Half an hour later I'm pulling into University Drive and there are no other cars. Oh yes. The campus was closed and classes had been canceled. Brilliant. I only wish I'd known before I risked life and limb by driving in blizzard conditions.

Now...this is not what I wore. This is one of the outfits I changed into when I was playing winter themed dress up in front of my mirror. Look at all the snow!

This is what I wore last week when I went to lunch with my Grandma. I'm having so much fun with this great coat!

I was also given an award by Poisoned Amour...the Lovely Lemonade Award. I have absolutely have no idea what lemonade has to do with anything, but hey. I will tag Kallie from Happy, Honey, and Lark. Thanks Kallie for all your lovely lemons (whatever that means...!) and larks.

So. My school closed and I didn't have to go into work because it was deadsville. So I'm sitting on my couch blogging and listening to The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late). With a blanket on as it is freezing in my house. And watching the snow fall out the window.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

you know I never even knew her name...

The snow started early today! I was up and ready for an early band practice (I am covering a few parts for the high school Wind Symphony) and the snow was already floating down! I'm curious to see if we will, in fact, get the 12-15 inches that everyone is in such a tizzy about. We'll see tomorrow morning...

This is what I wore to uni and what I'm wearing to work later...I started with my vintage corduroy dress and added a turtleneck and leggings underneath. You can't tell in the pictures, but this faux fur scarf is actually dark's so soft! I scored these furry wedge boots at a thrift store for like $5, and they are perfect for trudging around campus in the snow and still looking chic.

Uh, in case you couldn't tell...this is me kicking up snow in a holly jolly whirlwind of snowy glee. Obviously. Not falling on my bum or engaging in a solo kick line...just making sure we understand each other.


Monday, December 7, 2009

take a strange and stronger course

We are getting more snow today and they are saying we may get up to 14 inches by Wednesday morning! Well, that's Wisconsin for ya. I already had to shovel the walks after taking these pictures today!

I opted for my bright purple vintage boots (which I learned are actually quite slippery on the bottom...I slipped a few times, but I don't think anyone saw...oopsydoops.) I also wore a snuggly faux fur scarf and my black coat I bought at H&M last winter.

Well...I must pull the boots and coat back on and skip off to work! It's my turn to bring dinner for my sweet coworkers so I hope they like big tacos!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

thumpity thump thump

Are you ready for this? Today we had our first snow! It came down so softly in really big beautiful flakes. I got ready for school in a hurry today and my outfit turned out really well. It's seems the less time I have to put an outfit together = a better outfit...hmmm...

I went for Parisian chic on the leggings, black tank, long drapey cardigan, and red flats. Then I added a vintage velvet hat and some black necklaces. Then I realized it was cold outside (what an aha! moment!). Last night I took down most of my fall jackets to the basement and replaced them in our coat closet with my winter ones, including this beautiful vintage (FAUX) fur jacket. I got it a thrift store for less than $10, and was soooo excited to whip it out this winter.

Um, have you ever seen me look this chic? I didn't think it was possible! I am in love with this's so warm and furry. The best thing is that it doesn't have a smell (you know...old coats, especially fur ones usually acquire some sort of smell before they're donated or put for sale)! And it fits me perfectly. I love the big collar...

Now, some dancing, spinning, enjoying the snowfall pictures!

Snow puts me in such a good mood...that is, when I don't have to drive in it! It's so beautiful and makes you feel so at peace. Sigh.

Okay, now I'm hippity hopping off to work...hugs and kisses to you cuties!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

kick your heels up - step in time!

I'm not going to lie...I want winter weather to come and snow and all that, but I'm loving this warm(er) sunny weather...I could venture out without a coat today. Soooo...this is what I wore to uni, I found out I did really well on an exam that I kind of thought I failed...nice how that works sometimes!

I wore liquid eye liner today for the first time in public (except for when I was a cat on Halloween last year...). I must be special or something because I completely fail in all areas concerning liquid eye liner (probably the reason I've had it so long without using it). Do any of you have any tricks for mastering the art of L.E.L.?

I had some super boss jumping pictures, but sadly my skirt flew up too high for me to post them for the world to see. You can inquire with my neighbors if you would like details. This one's pretty good, and not too risque, either. I've gotten really good at timing...all it took was a year!

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