Sunday, January 3, 2010

are you lonely just like me?

No, these are not the thigh high boots that I really wish for, they are my almost-as-cool-knee-high-boots worn over thigh high socks. I am really in love with these socks - they're from Target and they are soooo warm and they look really sexy! Perfect for date nights in the (below zero) Wisconsin winter.

This blouse is a vintage Liz Claiborne (thrifted) and the skirt I got on sale ($5) from my favorite store, H&M. This necklace belonged to my Grandma (she gave it to me for Christmas this year), and it is one of my favorite gifts ever! It has the design of a 1928 British shilling complete with abbreviated Latin phrases and mustached king.

Tonight I'm being taken out on a date by my boyfriend (who is feeling better - thank you to everyone for their well wishes!). We're having dinner out and then renting some Audrey Hepburn movies to watch at his house (I just found out that he is a big Audrey fan). I'm thinking Funny Face and Roman Holiday?


wardrobeexperience said...

wow! I love everything about this outfit. great job!

happy new year!

beautifulnemo said...

beautiful blouse! :)

Sher said...

Oh, thigh high socks are the best, I love mine so much too! They're sexy and sassy:)

And your bf is an Audrey fan? Sounds like a real keeper to me!! I love Roman Holiday, have yet to see Funny Face though! I must really watch all of her films one day:P


Jen said...

that blouse is beautiful! and i'm loving your pretend thigh high boots, really makes your legs look longer (but they were long already haha) :)
have fun with your boyfriend tonight! i love both of those movies with all my heart.

gabby said...

you are CUTE.

love, S said...

Jealous! I wish MY bf was an Audrey Hepburn fan! Those have got to be two of my favourite films with Audrey :P Lovin' that vintage blouse!! I have something similar I saved from my mother's wardrobe :)

Your photos look phantastic btw- the tripod DOES make a difference *super big grins*

Posh said...

These overknee socks look perfect on you, lovely!

sizaa said...

nice style;)

daisychain said...

you work those socks so well!

Anonymous said...

I love "a roman holiday"... such a cute movie.

You look adorable... the blouse is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

loving this outfit! arnt you legs a bit cold in the snow though? lol.
hope you have a great time with your boyfriend!

Tights Lover said...

Great outfit. I love what you did with the over-the-knee sock and knee boots. It looks great!

Hope you had a good night out!

jack bespoke said...

love funny face, wonderful movie.
and that top is awesome btw.

michelle_ said...

beautiful top and boots Indy !
arent u cold with ur thighs and arms bare in the snow ?

marvelous blog post !
keep me updated with ur new posts :D id love to check 'em out !

thanks for taking the time to comment and visit my blog .
visit / comment / follow me back at..
* GLISTERS and blisters *

Goodle. said...

Gah! I love this outfit!!! Everything looks so good, the skirt the blouse the boots and high socks! Awesome :D

Goodle x

Imogen said...

I have fallen in love with your top!

Patty Ann said...

wow you are such a lady. i love this outfit, it's so cute and sophisticated!

Kelley Anne said...

I love your outfits. This blouse really works with the skirt and boots. I would have thought they were thigh-highs if you hadn't written otherwise. Sigh, a man who loves Audrey Hepburn:)

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