Wednesday, February 10, 2010

blame it on the boogie

Do you ever have those days when you look outside and say, gee, it's wet and slushy outside. I should wear my little pink shoes. Yeah, 'cause that's what I did. They are soaked. And my feet are still recovering. And did you ever think, I'll just put my shoes back on and go and take pictures for my blog? Didn't think so either.

I was feeling off-duty-dancer-ish today, so, I went with it. This scarf is amazing - it has knights jousting on it. In pink and purple and turquoise.

I have a test in my Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence class on Monday, and also a quiz on the different parts of the skull and the teeth in my anthropology course. I've got to kick my behind into high studying mode for tomorrow.

Also on the schooly note, I'm so psyched because I've signed up for a sign language course. I've wanted to learn sign language for so long, and I've finally signed up! I had to miss the first class, which was tonight, because I couldn't get out of work, but, you know. They are every Wednesday night from 6-8:30. I'm hoping that after this beginning course then I can take the intermediate course in the summer!

This week is off to a hectic start...but I'm kind of liking it.



Francy said...

Good luck with the sign language. I always wanted to take a class like that, but never signed up. I like your dancer-esque look. Really cute, and the scarf's print is super amazing!

Sher said...

I still adore your pink shoes so much!! And I'm loving the ballerina poses too, lovely:)


Who are you Weesha? said...

hectic is good- you get this calm feeling of satisfaction at the end of the week, knowing you've done so much :) You look adorable, I really like your hair like that, it looks very pretty!

Susi said...

Funny pictures :D

To talk about the shoes ... just let me think ... ehm yes - so perfect to dance in the snow ;D

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Your little pink shoes are adorable! I'm loving that scarf, too!

Good luck on your exam!

Brea M. said...

all of your pictures are gorgeous, but the last one is totally breath taking!! LOVE it!!
And its finally SUNNY outside. Thank god, I've been missing the sun so much!

Judith, said...

I like your photo's en pink shoes. They are so ( mhh, how did I say) sweet. That isn't the exact word but it doesn't matter allright?;p

I'm gonna following you!

daisychain said...

gorgeous outfit. I never wear the right shoes!

xoxo said...

Haha! Love the outfit especially the shoes, I think it completes the off-duty-dancer look. It also suggests that the off-duty-dancer is going to regret wearing such small shoes in this weather. LOL.

P.S good luck on the Test :D

wardrobeexperience said...

beautiful scarf!


Anonymous said...

such cute shoes!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Love how you tied the purple scarf, I'll have to try that sometime.

Shop T.O. Live said...

I've always wanted to take a sign language course as well. I just thought it would be so interesting to learn.

And I love the dancer poses - you look so pretty (ESP with the pink shoes. So it was well worth the wet feet!). I really like the second pic - you look like you're almost right on the tippy of your toe!

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