Thursday, April 22, 2010

mother lover

(Mother Earth, that is.)

Happy Earth Day, everyone! I enjoyed the outdoors in this outfit, today. I definitely have to start putting more flowers in my hair!

This is the same skirt from the last post - my boyfriend's mom's old one. I was having a very hard time with my outfit today, and it kept calling to me, so I gave in. I bought this clutch yesterday at Goodwill, and I love the wrist-strap!

corset - thrifted
skirt - vintage
sandals - Glaze
clutch - vintage

There's A Place In Your Heart
And I Know That It Is Love
And This Place Could Be Much
Brighter Than Tomorrow
And If You Really Try
You'll Find There's No Need To Cry
In This Place You'll Feel
There's No Hurt Or Sorrow

There Are Ways
To Get There
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Little Space
Make A Better Place...

Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

--Michael Jackson, Heal the World


La Historiadora de Moda said...

Gorgeous photos! I love that thrifted clutch!

tess said...

love the corset!

Sher said...

The flower in your hair is gorgeous! And I can't believe how warm it is there now that you could run around in tube tops, it's unbelievable:)


Francy said...

I love your corset!

Shana said...

That is such a cute outfit. I love checking in on your blog from time to time.

Nefertiti said...

Tres romantique ;O)

Gladys Fashioncancer said...

Yayyyyyy earth day! Haha!
Gorgeous. :) I love your clutch.

Miri said...

Such a cute spring outfit! I adore the corset, can't believe its thrifted!

Phuong said...

great flower look!

Shop T.O. Live said...

You look so beautiful in these pics - very earthy and inspiring.

And I love clutches with wrist straps, so practical.

xoxo said...

I love the bodice I've been trying to make one like that for months now.

kimi said...

what a gorgeous spring outfit!
Love everything about it.

fhen said...

really love your outfit
perfect for spring summer
you look so pretty

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Etta Buerkle said...


i really love your fashion all the time. And your hair looks really good the way you have it in these pictures.

calla said...

oh my this outfit is so darling, perfect for spring!

love, S said...

Indy! Your hair and your nails are MEGA. Yep. Pretty much :) I love your photos they're SUPER and the sun is fab! :P

Fashion is a Playground said...

You're so lovely !

Gloria fait son show said...

I really your vintage skirt:)

Who are you Weesha? said...

such a romantic outfit- you look so lovely!

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