Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today I'm reviewing a dress from eShakti, and I can not get over how much I love it! The style is wonderful, and I've had so much fun thinking of vintage-inspired outfits that it would be perfect for!

eShakti's tagline - we design, you customize is exactly what their business is all about. They offer sizes from 0 - 26W on every style, and make the product specific to your exact measurements, also allowing for any other alterations or customizations you might desire. You need to measure everything (and I mean everything) but the end result is so perfect that the process is worth it. I suggest getting someone to help you measure in order to get the most accurate results.

Once you have decided on your product (there are so many pretty tops, dresses, skirts, and more!), submitted measurements, and customized it to your liking, you only have to wait three days for your item to ship! Even with all the custom sizing, it ships in only three days, and then spends usually around 3-5 days in transit before ending up on your doorstep.

After days spent trying to decide on which lovely item to get (seriously, I couldn't decide, I bugged my boyfriend so much about what one to choose), I finally decided on this gorgeous summer dress. I love the structure on the top, but my favorite parts are the embroidered hummingbirds on the bottom - they're such a fun and colorful addition to this lovely dress.

It stirs up thoughts of vingate Americana, which I tried to incorpoate into these three outfits.

dress - courtesy of eShakti
hat - vintage
necklace - vintage
clutch - vintage
shoes - Charlotte Russe

In addition to some sunny day outfits, I also wanted to try a day-by-the-lake outfit for when the lake winds are blowing.

dress - courtesy of eShakti
cardigan - thrifted Faded glory
brooch - vintage
sunglasses - Charlotte Russe
purse - vintage (my mom's!)
tights - Target
shoes - thrifted Fendi

Here I went with the blatant Americana color scheme and I finally found an outfit for this gorgeous vintage hat I bought at an antique store last year in Michigan.

dress - courtesy of eShakti
hat - vintage
scarf - vintage
clutch - vintage
sunglasses - vintage
shoes - attention

Lasty, the quality of this dress is fantastic. The material is sturdy, the embroidery is flawless, the zipper works without a hitch, and there is even one side of the sash longer than the other to facilitate tying the perfectly proportioned bow in the back.

I will definitely be giving eShakti my business in the future. In fact, I've already picked out a few other things that I may not be able to live without...



Sher said...

Oh my, I believe you chose the perfect and sweetest dress! Could there be anything cuter than the hummingbird print?

Also love the ways you styled the dress:)


kimi said...

You're absolutely right - this dress is grogeous! You accessorize it so well. Love both outfits. so unique.

Brea M. said...

Thats GORGEOUS!!!!
You look so amazing in that dress! Totally beautiful! And these pictures are amazing.
Shakti is the female energy aspect of the universe. So the name of the company is really fitting. Totally gorgeous clothes! WOW.

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