Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm not sure

I have a growing love for vintage umbrellas...I was so excited that it was rainy today!

umbrella - vintage
necklace - vintage
top - thrifted Express
skirt - H&M
socks - Target
shoes - vintage Bonnibel
clutch - thrifted Jessica McLintock

If you owned these shoes...how would you wear them
if you would wear them)?




michelle_ said...

i love ur clutch very much !
as for the shoes, i'd wear them with a ruffled skirt and some tights to create that dolly girl look :D

michelle || glisters and blisters

Julie Marie said...

Crap how do you look so fricken beautiful? Girl you are a model!
Hope you are having a fantastic week!

Anonymous said...

You look so amazing. I love these pictures.

Susi said...


To coin a phrase: That post has blown my mind.

I love the pictures, I love the umbrella, I love your look.

Miri said...

I actually love the rain... its even better with a cool umbrella =)

As for the shoes, I like how your wearing them. But for something different maybe some colourful/patterned tights and a really pretty dress

Judith, said...

woaaa, I like your photo's!\

Nefertiti said...


superbe et le traficotage photo fait que tu fais sortie tout droit d une illustration,tres chouette ;O)

Francy said...

The first photo is so cute! You look gorgeous. I love the over-the-knee socks too!

Shop T.O. Live said...

That is the most amazing picture of you - I love the effects you used.

The shoes? They are fabulous! I would definitely wear them, and wear them with everything. They look very stylish and versatile.


akaCola said...

I am very jealous of your shoes...they are sooo adorable!! Love the way you are wearing them too...CUTE :)

* Leslie * said...

I like the second picture :)

Kallie said...

amazing shoes. so so good. i would wear them with something super short on the bottom and long sleeved on the top (and possibly in the color burgundy).

Winnie said...

Fun shots! Love the knee socks. I want to wear some tomorrow now!

ediot said...

such an cute first photo. i love it.

xx ediot

Brea M. said...

Oh my GOD are you gorgeous!! You look HOT girl!
I LOVE thigh high socks! I want to get mine out! haha.

Both of the photos are amazing! :D

wardrobeexperience said...

love these images. the first one is so amazing... the outfit's gorgeous, too!

I got three vintage umbrellas from my granny some years ago...but they're all gone. one i left at a cafe... the second broke ... and the last one got stolen at another cafe...

kimi said...

The first photo is damn amazing. One of the most gorgeous I saw on your blog so far and I actually like all of your posts.
By the Way: I would have never tought someone can make me love this type of shoes but you're rocking these babies.

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