Thursday, May 27, 2010

it's just desire...I really love it

I had a quite successful little thrifting expedition today. Everything I'm wearing came from my trip today (except the necklace). This hat was an amazing find (and only $8!) and I almost didn't see it, but as I was walking out with my bags I happened to notice it in one of the cases.

I love the silhouette of this dress...and the print, little tulips, is adorable! However, wearing it today for these pictures I realized that I do not like the neckline at all! I wish it was a little (okay, a lot, but not in a skimpy way) lower, a sweetheart neckline would be ideal...I wonder if there's any way to remedy it?

When I bought the hat, I had no idea that the veil could come down! That just made it a bazillion times cooler for me.

dress - vintage
hat - vintage Clover Lane
shoes - vintage Naturalizer
clutch - vintage
gloves - vintage
necklace - secondhand (my mom's)

And last, but not least, these pretty pale pink shoes. Even though the rest of the outfit I'd say is more summery (by my standards), the heels and the color of the necklace really help bring that light and breezy aspects into it.

Today was one of those days - I took a ton of pictures because none of them looked the way I wanted. I think part of the reason was that it was sooo bright in the sun and so dark in the shadow that it didn't really work for the ones I wanted to take. So, I will definitely be wearing this outfit again when I can take better pictures so you can see all the parts of it!


Jen said...

aww you really did hit the jackpot on your thrifting adventure. that dress is the cutest thing and i'm loving the hat! and i always hate when it's too sunny outside as well. it makes picture taking so much more difficult.

Carys said...

Beautiful outfit!! I love the print of your dress, and your hat is so cool, you look so sophisticated!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Jolly Good said...

What a lovely outfit! You look so ladylike. Especially love that red hat and the white lace gloves!

Pixie Drive-In said...

Ohhh, I just love that little hat! The color and shape is so adorable. And I love hats with veils also! Lovely look!

Charleston said...

great thrift find x

Draft of Vintage said...

You look adorable! As if you should be heading the races! That hat is such a great find... veils are so effortlessly sophisticated! I think the dress looks fabulous as is- but good luck with your alterations!

wardrobeexperience said...

congrats on your amazing thrift-finds!


micol zanzuri said...

i love this look!

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