Tuesday, May 11, 2010

it's raining on prom night

We are having cold weather and rain - how wonderful! But it's all ok now that my boyfriend's home for the summer! We went out today and took rainy prom pictures (I wish we still had prom...but alas we're too old now!).

This dress is amazing. I have to thank my friend B., because she bought it to cut up and use for decorations at our friend's bridal shower. Luckily, she only cut out some of the tulle from underneath and then I got to take it home! I bet she never thought that I would actually do something with it...

I had wanted to style this dress very casually, but when I threw my denim shirt over it, my boyfriend objected, saying that I'd been wearing it too much (haha). So then I threw on this cardigan that my mom gave me years ago (I think she got it for free when she bought some of her Chanel No. 5) and the look went from a mixture of casual and dressy to more of a dressed up look. However, I kept my canvas tennis shoes with the outfit to add a little playfulness (I seriously cannot get over them).

Since this dress is very mermaid-esque, what with the frilly frills at the bottom, I thought that this beaded shell purse would go perfectly!

dress - vintage Zum Zum
cardigan - Chanel
shoes - Faded Glory
earrings - thrifted
ring - Charlotte Russe
purse - thrifted Jessica McLintock
umbrella - thrifted Victoria's Secret

Thank you to my lovely boyfriend for taking these amazing pictures.


Pixie Drive-In said...

This dress is amazing!! I love how you styled it with the cardigan and flower in your hair. This is definately a great prom dress!

liyana said...

i like ur prom outfit

Nefertiti said...

so romantique ;O)

My Passport to Style said...

Hi sweetie, soo pretty and loving the tennis shoes! Your featured as my stylish blog crush yet AGAIN, CONGRATULATIONS! Sharon xx

Sher said...

Aww, you look so pretty with that dress, the seashell purse and the huge flower in your hair:)


Shop T.O. Live said...

(Oh, your boyfriend is so cute!)

I love how you accessorized the dress, especially the canvas tennis shoes! And that cardigan is so sweet - wow, free clothes with perfume, how fantastic!


Miri said...

Hehe it does look like a mermaid dress! Very cute xx


Imogen said...

Very pretty pictures. I love your dress and the accessories, cardigan and shoes that you added go so well. I adore your hair style, its so beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

that dress is so beautiful! :-)


Becky said...

I love all the colors together. Your umbrella is so cute!

Dhu said...

Wonderful dress! I love the spinning picture!
I also love the daisy in your hair!

Sassy said...

OMG I love that dress!

Zoe_Flood said...

you did! amazing! did you live in LA or live there now? or do they have them across the nation? thankyou for your wonderful comment! that peache skirt looks stunning! I love the one where the skirt is flairing!

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