Tuesday, July 6, 2010

you haven't heard it yet so don't try to sing along

The boyfriend and I went out driving today...and we came upon this pretty water fountain. It was filled with temptingly cool water, especially tantalizing as it was about 90 degrees (f) and humid.

Wow, please ignore that huge hole in my tights...I accidentally stumbled over myself last time I wore them and the heel from my shoe ripped them!

I know, I know...I'm wearing these wedges with this dress again, but they are just made for each other!

dress - H&M
vest - J C Penny
shoes - Mossimo
tights - Target
necklace - vintage
bangle - vintage
purse - vintage
headband - H&M

I finally stopped wishing for my Revlon Va Va Violet lipstick to turn up, so I gave in and just bought another one...it is such a great alternative to red or other dark wine and cherry colors.


Carys said...

I love your lipstick, shame about the first one. I usually find that as soon as I buy a new one the old one turns up within the hour. I absolutely love your outfit, the stripes and headband look great, and you have the most amazing curly hair!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Trees said...

I love the colour of your tights and the hole is only teeny tiny ^^

mirandolina said...

Yeah, you're right! They just made for each other! great look!

Sher said...

I adore how you put together this outfit! It somehow reminds of the 80s, especially with the ribbon in your hair:)


Kelly said...

That lipstick is gorgeous! I think I have to rustle some up for myself...

Jen said...

this is such a fantastic outfit! i adore the pop of purple with the black and white outfit! you should've just jumped into the fountain to cool off :P

Hannah said...

This is a fabulous outfit, I especially love the bow!

Jay said...

This is probably one of my favorite outfits of yours! It's a clean look, if you know what I mean, and almost has a french feel to it. Really pretty. And don't worry, I didn't notice the hole until you pointed it out.

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