Wednesday, August 11, 2010

frilly socks DIY

Here is a wee DIY post for the frilly lace socks I wore here. It's fairly simple and the results are soooo cute! After that post where I lamented the lack of frilly socks on the market, several people commented that American Apparel does, in fact, sell some that are similar. These from AA are super duper cute, but the DIY ones are easy enough to make and cost a lot less.

DSC05018 words

  1. 1 pair socks - I used Basic Editions socks from Kmart ($3.99 for 2 pairs)
  2. lace - I used garter material from Ben Franklin ($2.99/yard)
  3. needle and thread (optional color)
  4. scissors
Make sure you measure the lace around the circumference of the sock opening (and add a little bit for an overlap) to make sure you get enough. I bought a whole yard and ended up with enough to make two pairs.


I was shopping for lace and ended up buying the make-your-own-garter lace. This gives you a place to stitch (along the top at the elastic), and the "flare" of the lace is already there.

Step 1 - align the elastic of the lace with the top of the sock (or wherever you are placing it)
Step 2 - using a running stitch, stitch around the elastic of the lace starting in the back
Step 3 - make sure and leave a little extra to overlap once you have stitched all the way around
Step 4 - knot the thread and snip any loose ends
Step 5 - fluff lace for desired effect

DSC_0051 - Copy voila

Overall, these socks are simple to make and only cost about $4 a pair. I'm planning on making a couple more pairs, probably with different color socks, lace, or both. Let me know if you make a pair...I'd love to see!

It's hotter than you-know-what outside and we've had tons of rain so we are up to our ears in biting bugs! Hopefully the temperature and the humidity will die down soon so I can get back to posting at the semi-usual rate I've had to abandon for lack of good photo-taking circumstances.


t said...

They look great! Good job.

Trees said...

Adorable! I like to think about the possible colour combinations of future frilly socks^^

Nefertiti said...

tres petite maison dans la prairie... ;O)

je t admire de savoir marchee avec des talons si haut !

kimi said...

these socks look so good with these brown heels.

ash said...

hohoho, i Love tutorial!
thx for sharing, definitely gonna do that!

Charlie said...

those are so pretty! love the booties as well. :)

Anika Sweetfaced Style said...

totally cute! love them with the shoes :) xx

wardrobeexperience said...

amazing diy idea. those lacy socks look so pretty in these booties.
pretty cool.

Sarah Dee said...

super cute!!


Grace said...

Thanks! I will have to try this.

Love Grace.

Anna G said...

This is great for when I want to add some more details to an outfit. I like that socks are becoming a big trend this fall.

Anonymous said...

It looks really cute :).

casi said...

VERY CUTE! and so simple! But I've seen frilly socks for $1.50 (free shipping too)

just letting you know ;)

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