Friday, September 3, 2010

I can see you, girl, can you see me?

Fall is almost here. Technically, it won't even be fall until the third week of September, but I can feel it. I dropped a whole 20 degrees in the course of the night to bring us a gray and windy barely over 60 degree (F) day. I love it - I could live in this weather for the rest of my life.

Not only was the weather perfect, but it was my first day of classes (as if summer was never even here...). I walked out the door sans any type of covering over my dress thinking that the temperature would rise a good twenty or so degrees in the course of the morning. However, when I stepped back outside after my last class it was still quite brisk.

DSC05322 - Copy

Secretly, I was glad for the cool to stay on because I've been longing to wear this beautiful trench ever since I bought it a couple weeks ago. Now this is the kind of item I don't mind paying full price for. Since this coat was from H&M it was relatively inexpensive ($35), but that's still quite a lot for me to spend one one item, especially if it isn't marked down or on sale. However, this is quite a classic I've got here, and the many times I will wear it in the future make it well worth the price.

DSC05313 - Copy

DSC05324 - Copy

dress - vintage Katie Mfg.
trench - H&M
shoes - xhilaration
purse - vintage

DSC05319 - Copy

My pictures today were taken in a local tennis court in honor of the U.S. Open (go Rafa!).


Anna G said...

I opened my window this morning. It felt cold but it's nice to feel the weather changing.

Jay said...

wow that trench is worth the money! I love it. It ties the outfit together perfectly

always a fan

Pixie Drive-In said...

Ooo, I love this jacket! So gorgeous. I can't wait to wear my trench again!

Venn said...

i lovee ur trench coat! :))


Weesha said...

I love the trenchcoat, it's gorgeous! and I agree, it's ok to splurge on classic items. I'm so jealous of your weather by the way, it's still flaming hot over here!
p.s I loved your video outfit posts, they were incredibly pretty and so creative!

Bite The Beat said...

I've been wanting that trench coat, and it's good to see what it looks like on someone other than the H&M model. You have helped me make my decision on whether to buy it or not-- I'm getting it!

Tessj said...

It's true: trenchcoats are a real must have! Amazing look! In case you're interested, my scarf is from H&M =)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

The trench is perfect! Just perfect!

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