Monday, September 27, 2010

"a picture is a poem without words" - Horace

I really appreciate that quote from Horace. Similarly, I believe the same about an outfit - it is poem without words. What does it make you feel? Everyone feels something different, and that is why self expression is such a powerful tool.

DSC05696 - Copy

dress - thrifted Studio Ease
jacket - H&M
Hat - vintage
shoes - So

I believe that you are a blank canvas at the beginning of each day and what you choose to adorn yourself with is your expression. Your work of art - what you wear and how you wear it - says something about you, the same as a painting comments on the painter.


Nefertiti said...

j adore encore une fois ;O)

Anna G said...

Black is such a nice color. It can be anything but you certainly are doing find as little witchy style.

Sophie said...

Gorgeous post. I adore your outfit and the photos in the post below are so pretty!

I have returned to blogging with a brand new blog, I would love it if you could check it out sometime if you have a minute or two. xo

Anonymous said...

What heyday isn't today?

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