Saturday, September 25, 2010

she got the moon in her eye

A thrift store is the place to go if you want anything in velvet. Jammed onto the clothes racks you can find bits of every shape and size. And that's exactly where I found this beauty. Long. Black. Velvet. Perfect. I really appreciate the long and practically shapeless silhouette.

An especially perfect addition to my witchy wardrobe.

DSC05663 black and white softened sepia

dress - thrifted
necklace - vintage
shoes - Charotte Russe
bow - vintage

DSC05676 black and white softened sepia

I'm starting to crave ghoulish accessories - talons, beetles, webs, skulls, ect...I'll have to peruse the craft store for some DIY materials...


Leah said...

loving this gothic trend lately! i don't think it's something i would be able to pull off, but it looks amazing on you!
the shape is perfect, you're right.

Imogen said...

You look beautiful. The dress is very classy and sophisticated. I always wish I had something velvet in my closet.

Nefertiti said...

tu es magnifique !!!

Weesha said...

These pictures are stunning, I would totally hang them up as art- so gorgeous!

marmaladie said...

The necklace is gorgeous and the dress is classic yet so nice... love the look! :D

Sher said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love how very gothic this ensemble and pictures are. I would love to find a velvet beauty like that!


She is Sara said...

You look amazing, love the b&w photos with this look, love!

anio said...

First picture is stunning

Helga Vanesa said...

The place and your look match perfectly beautiful. Loves!

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