Friday, September 24, 2010

there is no wind that always blows a storm

Tea in the park - don't forget your umbrella! What a gorgeous blustery day it was! The wind was whipping around so fast I though I might take flight a la Mary Poppins. It was overcast and any moment the skies could have opened, but I would have been protected thanks to my trusty bumbershoot.

DSC05609 - Copy

Of all my jackets, this is my favorite. I love the bright red against the navy - so classic. The design is unique, too, not at all like a traditional blazer. The three-quarter sleeves are also a great alternative to full length, especially in the fall weather.

DSC05584 - Copy

DSC05644 - Copy

DSC05612 - Copy

DSC05608 - Copy

DSC05610 - Copy

DSC05639 - Copy

dress - vintage Katie
jacket - H&M
tights - Target
shoes - H&M
ring - vintage
umbrella - vintage

DSC05645 - Copy

DSC05590 - Copy

It was so relaxing to have a lazy afternoon in the park. There was no one around to disturb my reading and the windy chill added amazing atmosphere - the kind mostly found in books.


Ashlee said...

that jacket is lovely for certain.
and the little owl ring!

vogueish said...!!!!!!

Anna G said...

Where did you find such a pretty book? I love the whole outfit. Red and navy look so lovely together. It's so adorable that you brought your own tea to the park.

Jay said...

I love the jacket!

Katie said...

OMG your outfits are so adorable, you really are good at what you do. great job

Weesha said...

That jacket is awesome, I wouldn't know how to style it myself but you did a great job- I love how you paired it with a contrasting floral floaty skirt!

Claud said...

Thanks for visiting my site! I like this outfit, among others! I shall follow. :)

Olivia RPS said...

these are such lovely photos! a really vintagey feel :)
Olivia x

tess said...

you look very put together and chic, like a more fashionable version of Mary Poppins

Anonymous said...

Thank you, your blog is perfect, I'm following you ...

Christina said...

loved this one! tea in the park, an owl ring and a book ... heaven

Tammy Darrow said...

love the outfit!

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