Sunday, September 12, 2010

a work of art is a confession

The air is cool and crisp. In the mornings the mist hangs low in the valleys, almost too beautiful to be real. Summer is nearly behind us.

I am loving being able to mix fun textures together as the weather turns cooler. This ensemble was particularly fun because of the leather fringe on the vest. That mixed with the light floaty tunic, the wool hat, and the suede boots made for a delicious outfit.

DSC05487 - Copy

I felt like I should have been carrying around some sort of musical instrument, but I settled for a large leather bag.

I found this pretty hat at Charlotte Russe last winter for $.99. Needless to say, I snapped it right up. I love end-of-season shopping. It feels so good to break out something new when it's season appropriate and know that you didn't spend a small fortune for it.

DSC05497 - Copy

DSC05489 - Copy

hat - Charlotte Russe
tunic - thrifted H&M
vest - vintage
tights - Target
boots - Kmart
purse - vintage
necklace - vintage
bangle - Wet Seal

DSC05494 - Copy

DSC05496 - Copy

The fringe on this vest is beyond cool. It sways when I walk and makes the coolest sound. The vest was a hand-me-down from my godmother - it goes with this skirt.


Lemondrop Marie said...

Those boots and the vest are amazing! Love the floral with them,
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

those boots and that vest are incredible.

Nefertiti said...

tres peace and love tres annees 70 j aijme bcp ;O)

Anna G said...

You look quite adorable. I love the hippie vibe. I love it when people give me old clothes also.

Sher said...

WOW! The big floppy hat, the fringed vest, the tunic, everything is perfect together! You looked like you just walked out of a 70s magazine:)


Brie said...

that last picture is magazine worthy darling. this is one of my fave outfits from you!!!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

What a beautiful outfit! I especially love the hat and the blue boots :)

silviasiantar said...

hey thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

youre so young yet super talented

followed your blog.


PS let me know if you want to exchange links.

Half Dressed said...

Absolutely gorgeous outfit! The vest is brilliant I haven't seen one like that in so long!

L x
Half Dressed

abigail oliveros said...

great outfit!!

(In)Sane said...

I love the vest; it´s so visually interesting.
And the necklace is so pretty.


Grace said...

Adore the vest. What an amazing hand me down!

Love Grace.

ThePhotographer's Girl said...

that ensemble is beyond cool! i covet thy weather for all the layering it allows :|

great blog!

ThePhotographer's Girl said...

all that fringe is beyond coolness! love how you styled it with your dress... i seriously covet thy weather for all the layering it allows :|

anyway, you have got a great blog right here!


sallyannie☆ said...

That vest is so cool. Kind of like Pocahontas!

captain kimi said...

Your hat is fab. I own a very similar one but there was never an occasion to wear it. I hope I don't have to wait too long.
I wished my grandma would give me such stylish cloths. This vest is amazing!

gina said...

Love the fringed and beads with the short floral frock and boots. So cool!

Fashion-rocks said...

You look great. love your fringe vest and outfit. Amazing style

FashionAddict said...

What a fantastic find! That hat looks great on you :)

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