Monday, October 4, 2010

got tacky?

Today's outfit was inspired by Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky. I love being able to read all about her Brave adventures, and when I heard that I could help sponsor her trip by purchasing one of her custom printed totes, I couldn't resist.

DSC05847 - Copy

Here is a closer view of the print - I love that her blog background is on the Brave. Too genius.

DSC05849 - Copy

DSC05866 - Copy

dress - vintage Megawatts
cardigan - thrifted
belt - thrifted
tights - Target
shoes - Charlotte Russe
hat - Charlotte Russe
ring - Claire's
tote - Delightfully Tacky Brave Fundraiser

DSC05863 - Copy

DSC05862 - Copy

While photo taking today, I totally owned myself on a fallen tree. My shin is so scraped up it is barely recognizable. I keep looking down at it and then I try to remember the last time one of my legs looked like that...(hint - it was a loong time ago). I feel so rugged. The weird thing is that even though my leg was scraped badly and I was bleeding, my tights weren't snagged or stained a bit! Go figure.


Myriam said...

Such pretty colors. So ah, that cardigan is killer! I need to rummage around my usual thrifting haunts now that the weather's cooled down...

I'm sorry about your leg, but that's pretty awesome that the tights remained unscathed! Such a pretty color, a snag would've been tragic.

♥ ♥ ♥

Bray M. said...

I am beyond envious of this outfit! So gorgeous!
You are a hottie! ;-)

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