Wednesday, October 13, 2010

he says, 'cranberry sauce'

These tights are totally the perfect shade for fall. They remind me of the color of cranberry sauce...yum. I like having them as a go-to pair instead of my beaten-to-death black or brown ones.

DSC06163 - Copy

When I was working at the thrift store, one day I was sorting clothes and a whole bin came in full of old Missoni vests and cardigans. I pounced. At the time, I didn't even recognize the brand - I just immediately fell in love with the crazy colors and prints.

DSC06189 - Copy

DSC06181 - Copy

I bought this gorgeous Native American inspired scarf from a festival in Door County last spring. I'm excited to be headed back up to the Door Peninsula this weekend! I'll definitely be taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and luscious scenery.

DSC06173 - Copy

dress - H&M ; sweater - vintage Missoni ; scarf - Door County Mai fest ;
tights - Worthington ; shoes - Target ; belt - thrifted ; clutch - vintage


Kenziefaith said...

I love love love this outfit - That sweater with that scarf with those tights?? Awesome!! x

Carys said...

I love your outfit, especially the tights, they are such a perfect autumn colour!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Fashion Hedonist[a] said...

I love this colour for fall too. Bought a tight in exactly the same last week.

tess said...

I love all of the pattern mixing in this outfit

Alina A. said...

lovely colours. Love the dress and scarf.xx

Imogen said...

They are the perfect colour. I have been searching for some tights that colour for the last two winters but I have not managed to find any. I love the way you incorporate colours into your outfits.

Anna G said...

Great mix of patterns and colors. I love that sweater. It's so pretty and I'd be excited to find it also.

Kellie W. said...

I love those tights! That color is fantastic! I really need to get some maroon tights for my Harry Potter midnight showing costume, ha!

Pixie Drive-In said...

Wow, lucky! I would love to find some vintage Missoni. And those tights are amazing!

Hannah said...

Oh my gosh, I love those tights! I had seen a pair in pretty much that exact color at Wal-Mart and have been pondering if I should buy them. I wasn't sure what I would match them with, you're outfit just sparked a few ideas! :)

By the way, that is a really cool cardigan!

Anonymous said...

i love the second pic of these post ! ;) very nice outfit :)


Braya M. said...

I love this outfit! You look amazing!
I love that you took these at nature hill!
Have an awesome time up north!!! I'm so jealous, I've never been there!

Sher said...

Cranberry tights are delicious on you! And I love the amount of colors on your outfit! Gosh, the wind blowing your hair is really something too:)


Nat Elizabeth said...

Beautiful colours and patterns!
Crazy in a REALLY good way

Charlie said...

lovely pairing of patterns and colours! all fits in great though, you look great!

xxx Charlie

julie said...

and I love the cranberry tights with the mustard belt together!

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