Wednesday, November 3, 2010

looking for the sunset

Today's outfit brought to you with video. It was too nice a day to do anything but play outside...I am so lucky to be living with such gorgeous scenery practically right out my backdoor!

dress - vintage ; sweater - vintage Missoni ; boots - thrifted ; belt - thrifted ;
tights - Worthington ; necklace - Silver Eagle ; bracelets - thrifted


Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

lovely video! you are adorable!

xxx Charlie

(In)Sane said...

Such a cool video! And it really seemed like it was a beautiful day outside.
Loved the outfit by the way.


Alina A. said...

lovely video.xx

Weesha said...

I love your video outfit posts, they're always so beautiful! You look so cute and how gorgeous is the place where you live, I LOVE this video!

Imogen said...

It looks like such a beautiful picture and I love the idea of a video.

Sher said...

Words can't express just how lovely your video is! And I can't believe these gorgeous scenery is just right outside your backdoor! You lucky lucky girl!!

p.s. I love that song too:)


Grace said...


Love Grace.

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