Thursday, December 9, 2010

kindness is like snow - it beautifies everything it covers

Even though it means colder temperatures, snow is probably my favorite thing to have included in my outfit pictures. It's so pretty! It adds character to everything, though I will say that this mausoleum hardly needed any!

You might remember this coat from last year - a thrift find for less than $10! It's really bulky, so I like to balance it out with long legged looks on the bottom.

DSC06817 - Copy

DSC06823 - Copy

This outfit is exactly the same as this one except for the color of the tights. It's amazing how one little detail like that can transform the look completely.

DSC06821 - Copy

DSC06825 - Copy

DSC06818 - Copy

I put off taking pictures until later today to see if snow might start to fall, but it held off...until I stepped back into my house. Of course now, as I stare out the window, it's coming down as if we're in a Christmas fairytale.

DSC06841 - Copy


dress - vintage ; coat - vintage ;
shoes - Famous Footwear ; gloves - vintage ; tights - Target


Pandora said...

Oh, snow really adds character. Lovely pictures! You look goregous and that coat is wonderfull!

Chhan said...

Wow nice outfit :)

Carys said...

That coat was a real bargain, you look so nice! I love the colourful tights too.
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Brea said...

I want to find an adorable vintage coat (that fits) SO badly! Love this <3

Trees said...

I can't believe that coat only cost $10! WOW!

I love the two last action shots - fabulous!

crooked elegance said...

I love your hair, it's so pretty.
I adore the outfit too :)

Sassy said...

Great idea to mix the leopard coat with blue tights! Love your velvet dress!

Weesha said...

I wonder if I'll ever see real snow these are such beautiful pictures and that coat is just amazing- can't believe you got it at that price!

cherish said...

great shot :)

love your coat & tights :)

super lovely :)

Imogen said...

Your coat is outstanding. I love it so much.

Kimberlee said...

I love the title of this post! Where did you read that?

xoxo said...

Nice outfit, I really love your choice of location it's very nice :D


akaCola said...

sooo I am completely jealous of your leopard coat!!! I have been wanting one forever but just haven't come across one that I like look great!! :)

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