Sunday, May 30, 2010

who more than self their country loved

On my latest adventure to the local antique store I happened upon this amazing patriotic dress...for only $10! I was so excited...but waited until this weekend to debut it because it's perfect for the holiday! After finding the dress, I went back for this red hat I'd seen earlier...I think they were made for each other.

dress - vintage R&K Originals
hat - vintage Dudleigh
shoes - Charlotte Russe
clutch - vintage
belt - vintage
sunglasses - vintage

Happy Memorial Day, everyone...thanks to all who have served their country in hopes that soon we will have no. more. war.

Friday, May 28, 2010

luck never gives; it always lends

I'm having the worst time taking my outfit pictures the past two days! Of almost forty pictures, this is the only one good enough to post! Oh well...just gonna have to wear this outfit again some time, I guess.

dress - thrifted
blouse - thrifted
hat - vintage Dudleigh
knee highs - Walgreens
shoes - thrifted Charlotte Russe
earrings - vintage

And since this a post lacking in almost everything, I'd thought I'd take you on a journey down memory lane...Actually I was looking through my pictures to find one to send to The Clothes Horse for Flashback Friday last week when I found a bunch of cute ones, so here's a start...

I still have that little tail thing around here somewhere...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

it's just desire...I really love it

I had a quite successful little thrifting expedition today. Everything I'm wearing came from my trip today (except the necklace). This hat was an amazing find (and only $8!) and I almost didn't see it, but as I was walking out with my bags I happened to notice it in one of the cases.

I love the silhouette of this dress...and the print, little tulips, is adorable! However, wearing it today for these pictures I realized that I do not like the neckline at all! I wish it was a little (okay, a lot, but not in a skimpy way) lower, a sweetheart neckline would be ideal...I wonder if there's any way to remedy it?

When I bought the hat, I had no idea that the veil could come down! That just made it a bazillion times cooler for me.

dress - vintage
hat - vintage Clover Lane
shoes - vintage Naturalizer
clutch - vintage
gloves - vintage
necklace - secondhand (my mom's)

And last, but not least, these pretty pale pink shoes. Even though the rest of the outfit I'd say is more summery (by my standards), the heels and the color of the necklace really help bring that light and breezy aspects into it.

Today was one of those days - I took a ton of pictures because none of them looked the way I wanted. I think part of the reason was that it was sooo bright in the sun and so dark in the shadow that it didn't really work for the ones I wanted to take. So, I will definitely be wearing this outfit again when I can take better pictures so you can see all the parts of it!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

dip into the river, push me in the water

I went down to the river today...the water was so incredibly warm (well...warm for Wisconsin in the spring) so after I took my outfit pictures I went for a little dip...

I'm wearing an ensemble that my boyfriend's mom gave to me. I never thought I'd actually wear the two pieces together, but I think it actually totally works! It was a nice light and floaty outfit for a hot and sunny day...

This beautifully crafted leaf necklace I bought at Claire's (on sale!) last season. I love how it throws gold and silver together and makes it work.

skirt and blouse ensemble - vintage
ring - Charlotte Russe
necklace - Claire's
earrings - vintage
clutch - vintage

Splish splash...

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm hot blooded, check it and see

You know you're in Wisconsin when one week it's sleeting outside and two weeks later it's in the 90's! Yeah, today it was 90 degrees (f). I managed to get a few outfit photos before completely dying of heat...

This was the first photo that I took when I was still wearing my linen jacket. Then, I thought why the hell am I wearing a jacket!? So, I took it off.

This sheer nude top is perfect for days like almost feels like your not wearing anything at all. Of course, you have to have cute underpinnings and such, but you already knew that. This skirt matches a vest I have...the set was handed down to me by the Godmother...the ensemble was the first thing she bought with her first paycheck...way back in the '70's. Hells yeah.

top - thrifted H&M
skirt - vintage
jacket - thrifted the Limited
sandals - Glaze
purse - vintage
sunglasses - vintage
ring - Wet Seal
bracelet - vintage
earrings - vintage

I'm trying to come up with outfits that are springy, but also combat the major heat wave we seem to be having this week...we'll see if I can pull off another tomorrow...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

until then I'll sing my song

I went to the Farmer's Market today and bought the most delicious home made mustard...I'm dreaming of it as we speak. Lately, for spring I've been wanting light, floaty silhouettes and pastels, but I put this dress on and everything else just fell into place.

This is the dress I modified with pins, and I really like the bubbley tiered effect it makes. I love this straw's a good place holder until I find a straw boater...

dress - vintage
shoes - Mossimo
hat - vintage
purse - vintage
bracelet - vintage

I loved American Girl books when I was growing up, and my favorite series was the Felicity series. This cardinal charm reminded me of the sampler she makes with the saying "Faithful Friends Forever Be."

I've got the most fantastic antique store finds and I'm itching to wear them...but I'm trying to resist at least until Memorial Day weekend...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

The moment I stepped outside this morning, I knew it was a good day for my hummingbird dress from eShakti. The pretty gray stripes paired with the light pink cardigan were the perfect combination for the sunny day.

dress - courtesy of eShakti
cardigan - thrifted Tara Ryan
shoes - H&M
headband - Charlotte Russe
sunglasses - Charlotte Russe
necklace - thrifted

Here are my little pink shoes's been a while since I wore them, but today was a good day for it...they go with this cardi so sweetly.

I've been perusing eShakti's site lately (whilst absolutely not procrastinating writing my final paper...) and have found some gems that I can't get enough of...

This dress has the same embroidered hummingbirds as the one I'm wearing. The corset-like top is the same as well, but the skirt is long and flowy...a silhouette I've been craving for warm-weather days.

This gorgeous floral print dress just screams picnic...and little white canvas shoes.

This is my absolute favorite - the gold fish dress. Have you ever seen anything as great as an evening dress with fish? Plus, the cut and style of the dress is ever so chic.

There's so many possibilities for this dress on nights spent is beautiful Door fry, fish dress...Door Shakespeare, fish dress...Wilson's ice cream, fish dress...

I love you madly, madly Madame Librarian

When I was little, my mom wore big glasses with pale pink frames. I've never seen anyone else wear glasses like that, so you can imagine my surprise when I found these babies at a thrift store. I punched out the lenses (which was actually way harder that I thought it would be) and, voila. I've had them for almost a year and have never found a perfect outfit to pair them with. I think pale and pastel colors complement them beautifully.

dress - vinatage Sears
shoes - thrifted Findi
belt - secondhand (my brother's)
clutch - vintage
glasses - vintage
jewelry - vintage

I definitely need to introduce more pastels and muted colors into my choices for a light springy outfit are extremely limited!

Monday, May 17, 2010

no more teacher's dirty looks

It was a wonderful evening for a picnic under the apple that's what we did! I found this awesome picnic basket at a thrift store for like $4 or something ridiculously cool like that...(I know you can't see it that well in these pictures, but I'm sure we'll use it again soon...)

I rarely wear this necklace, but I was inspired to after watching some of the first season of the show Bones. Dr. Brennan always wears some form of a gorgeous ethnic beaded statement necklace that sometimes look out of place, but despite that fact you still can't keep your eyes off them. Wow, and I was just searching images online to find a visual for you and I came up with a YouTube video of a collage of her necklaces. Kinda cool.

dress - thrifted Forever 21
vest - thrifted Express
purse - vintage
necklace - thrifted
bandana - unknown

I had my last two finals today! Hello summer!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

it's raining on prom night

We are having cold weather and rain - how wonderful! But it's all ok now that my boyfriend's home for the summer! We went out today and took rainy prom pictures (I wish we still had prom...but alas we're too old now!).

This dress is amazing. I have to thank my friend B., because she bought it to cut up and use for decorations at our friend's bridal shower. Luckily, she only cut out some of the tulle from underneath and then I got to take it home! I bet she never thought that I would actually do something with it...

I had wanted to style this dress very casually, but when I threw my denim shirt over it, my boyfriend objected, saying that I'd been wearing it too much (haha). So then I threw on this cardigan that my mom gave me years ago (I think she got it for free when she bought some of her Chanel No. 5) and the look went from a mixture of casual and dressy to more of a dressed up look. However, I kept my canvas tennis shoes with the outfit to add a little playfulness (I seriously cannot get over them).

Since this dress is very mermaid-esque, what with the frilly frills at the bottom, I thought that this beaded shell purse would go perfectly!

dress - vintage Zum Zum
cardigan - Chanel
shoes - Faded Glory
earrings - thrifted
ring - Charlotte Russe
purse - thrifted Jessica McLintock
umbrella - thrifted Victoria's Secret

Thank you to my lovely boyfriend for taking these amazing pictures.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

sometimes a river's just a river

It is a gorgeous day! I went to the river to take pictures and wanted to jump right in, but it's still a little cold for swimming! I was playing with my Gorillapod for the first time since I got it at Christmas, and my camera ended up in the water. Everything's ok, I think, except for a little moisture under the screen - it's now sitting in a bowl of rice per my boyfriend's instructions.

Had to go with my oversized denim shirt today. I wore it with my canvas shoes and weathered brown bag for a casual outdoorsy look.

dress - thrifted Forever 21
denim shirt - vintage Levi (my dad's!)
shoes - Faded Glory
hat - vintage
satchel - vintage
necklace - courtesy of Hidden Staircase

Look at this cute kitty cat necklace! Thank you Hidden Staircase!

Only one week left of classes and then hello summer!
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