Sunday, October 31, 2010

don't sit's time to dig another one

In honor of All Hallow's Eve, the last batch of cemetery photos. Boo to you (and you, and you, and you). I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating this gorgeous harvest season!

DSC_0102 - Copy

DSC_0105 - Copy


DSC_0196 - Copy

DSC_0188 - Copy

dress - vintage ; belt - thrifted ; necklace - vintage Revlon ; ring - vintage

Friday, October 29, 2010

flutter for a day and think it is forever

Just like the butterfly,
I too will awaken in my own time

~Deborah Chaskin

DSC06582 s

DSC06588 s

DSC06584 s

dress - Onyx Nite ; cardigan - thrifted ; tights - Worthington ;
shoes - Famous Footwear ; belt - thrifted ; necklace - Claire's

Thursday, October 28, 2010

tryin' to win you with her feminine ways

We are having ourselves a veritable wind storm! It has blown the chill right up to our door and the leaves from the trees. Foolishly, I thought I could take pictures without any jacket, but that didn't last long. I had to race home and grab my cape and gloves.

I'm still in a gothic mood and I thought I'd nearly exhausted all of my black dresses, but not so. I was digging around my closet and found my stash of old high school dance dresses. This one probably was my least favorite of all the dance dresses back then, but, since its rediscovery, has quickly climbed almost to the top. I love the glitter (which didn't photograph well without the sun) and the sheer fabric hanging asymmetrically at the hem. I pulled out these tights to go with it because the pattern reminded me a little of spider webs.

DSC06598 - Copy

DSC06601 - Copy

DSC06597 - Copy

dress - Onyx Nite ; cardigan - thrifted ;
cape - vintage ; gloves - vintage ; belt - thrifted ;
tights - Worthington ; shoes - Famous Footwear ; necklace - Claire's

Monday, October 25, 2010

I ain' 'fraid of no ghost

Some of you will probably recognize these from last year, but I thought I'd post them again. Seeing as how Halloween is almost upon us, it's quite appropriate. All these pictures were taken and edited by my boyfriend.

DSC_0170 - Copy black and white softened


DSC_0129 black and white softened

invisible beck


DSC_0055 black and white softened

Steps copy

Invisible Steps Beck color beck modified black and white softened

robe - thrifted ; nightgown - vintage

Thursday, October 21, 2010

every wall is a door

A few weeks ago whilst hunting for more places to snap pictures, I stumbled upon this - a beautifully arched door...without a handle. How very strange...and mysterious - a perfect place for pictures!

DSC06546 - Copy

DSC06548 - Copy

I found this dress at Goodwill and I fell in love with the simple cut. Modest cut (but not too long), and such a pretty print for fall. It was just waiting to be paired with something velvet, so I threw on this hat.

DSC06547 - Copy

DSC06552 - Copy

dress - vintage D.B.Y. ; hat - vintage ; purse - thrifted ;
pin - vintage ; tights - Target ; shoes - Target

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

autumn is a second spring

This is how I enjoyed the gorgeous day.

DSC06509 - Copy

DSC06489 - Copy

DSC06513 - Copy

dress - vintage Megawatts ; blazer - H&M ;
shoes - Famous Footwear ; socks - JC Penny ; purse - vintage

Monday, October 18, 2010

just a-havin' a think

Well, after the gorgeous Indian Summer we were just blessed with, it seems that the chilly fall winds are now upon us. No problem for socks, scarves, and jackets have been at the ready for weeks now!

DSC06438 - Copy

There's something about trench coats that makes me think private not having obtained the perfect magnifying glass yet, I could pull out my pale pink glasses frames and have some fun with those.

DSC06479 - Copy

DSC06459 - Copy

DSC06471 - Copy

DSC06447 - Copy

This purse is perfect for keeping a memo pad and pen...the best accessories for a detective, besides a sharp mind!

DSC06484 - Copy

dress - vintage Moda In'tl ; trench - H&M ; scarf - thrifted Burberry ;
boots - Target ; socks - Target ; purse - vintage Coach

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

he says, 'cranberry sauce'

These tights are totally the perfect shade for fall. They remind me of the color of cranberry sauce...yum. I like having them as a go-to pair instead of my beaten-to-death black or brown ones.

DSC06163 - Copy

When I was working at the thrift store, one day I was sorting clothes and a whole bin came in full of old Missoni vests and cardigans. I pounced. At the time, I didn't even recognize the brand - I just immediately fell in love with the crazy colors and prints.

DSC06189 - Copy

DSC06181 - Copy

I bought this gorgeous Native American inspired scarf from a festival in Door County last spring. I'm excited to be headed back up to the Door Peninsula this weekend! I'll definitely be taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and luscious scenery.

DSC06173 - Copy

dress - H&M ; sweater - vintage Missoni ; scarf - Door County Mai fest ;
tights - Worthington ; shoes - Target ; belt - thrifted ; clutch - vintage

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

come dress yourself in love

Somewhere, sometime I remember reading about a girl who got whisked away to prom on her date's bicycle handlebars. Today, as I contemplated choices of transportation, the thought immediately popped into my head and I promptly wheeled my Schwinn out into the sunshine.

At times I mourn the loss of high school and school dance functions where it was more appropriate to wear gowns other formal pieces. But, thanks to the days of my 'dress-up box,' I am no stranger to pretending. Today I decided to pretend as if it was a cool Saturday afternoon and I was on my way to a homecoming dance.

DSC06110 - Copy

A cool, windy ride called for some sort of cover-up that I could shed the moment I stepped into the gym, thus the kitty sweater was pulled out of the closet and tossed on.

I love the look of the bright bold colors against the muted fall leaves.

DSC06125 - Copy

DSC06109 - Copy

DSC06129 - Copy

DSC06120 - Copy

DSC06112 - Copy

DSC06134 - Copy

DSC06104 - Copy

dress - thrifted ; sweater - vintage ; shoes - vintage ;
purse - H&M ; jewelry - vintage ; belt - thrifted


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

apple, my dear?

- a cautionary tale -

DSC05955 - Copy

photos by Indy ; effects by R.J.L.

DSC05966 - Copy

DSC05884 - Copy

DSC05891 - Copy

DSC05962 - Copy

DSC05935 - Copy

DSC05931 - Copy

DSC05901 - Copy

DSC05920 - Copy

DSC05936 - Copy

DSC05908 - Copy

DSC05951 - Copy

Witch 1 color black and white fg copy - Copy

DSC05946 - Copy

dress - thrifted ; cape - vintage ; tights - Worthington ;
shoes - Famous Footwear ; bow - vintage ; jewelry - vintage

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