Saturday, December 31, 2011

let each new year find you a better (wo)man

A while ago I would never had thought about pairing this hat with this lovely coat of the same color. When I was getting dressed this morning, however, I couldn't resist!. I adore the result - I feel like I'm an American Girl doll - or in one of the matching outfits. By the way, I found this coat for only $20 - down from $60! I love it so much! It reminds me of the fancy coats my grandma would send me when I was little that I would only wear on Easter or other occasions of that ilk.

dress, belt - thrifted ; coat - H&M ; hat - vintage ; shoes - Kohl's

Thursday, December 29, 2011

tutorial - twisted fauxhawk for long hair

I've gotten several questions about this hairstyle I wore in this post. Here's a little tutorial - it's best for long hair, but could be accomplished with medium-length hair - just add more pins! Of course, if you have short hair, go wild with the gel.

1) Start with day-old hair - this will help hold the style in place. If you have straight hair, you may want to tease it to add more volume.
2) Gather hair in a high pony - make sure it is tight!

3) Keeping the tightness, twist the pony tail all the way to the end.
4) Pull the twisted hair forward

5) If your twisted hair comes down over your face (like mine in step 4), you will need to loop it backwards and tuck the ends into the crease created by the twist.
6) This is the hardest part for me - fold your twisted hair underneath itself into the crease.

7) Begin to pin the twist in place (make sure it's tight or you'll lose the any illusion of a 'hawk).
8) Pin any loose parts at the back up into the twist.

When your 'do feels secure, you're done!

Add some black liner for an edgier look.

So there you have it...could be a faux faux hawk...could just be a pompadour...could just be whatever you want, that's the beauty of it! I'm definitely going to experiment with this hairstyle...I'm thinking I want to try two twists...semi victory roll-esque. Let me know if you try this...I'd love to see!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

my best friend is the one who'll get me a book...

It was a happy holiday indeed when I received this amazing tote from my sponsors at This bag is SO PERFECT for toting my books back and forth - I hate it when they get all mangled in bags that are too big - this one keeps them upright and close together. Not to mention the message is loud and clear - READ A DAMN BOOK, PEOPLE (and not on one of those damn gadgets, either, read a REAL BOOK)! This is what a perfect library outfit consists of for me - casual with a wonderfully slouchy sweater and killer shoes.

shirt, necklace - thrifted ; sweater, leggings - H&M ; boots - Candies ; glasses - dollar store ; tote -

Saturday, December 24, 2011

don't curse at the night

After reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy and then seeing the movie earlier this week, I have become intensely inspired by the character of Lisbeth. When I was getting ready to see the movie I looked in the mirror and lamented not having shorter hair that I could slick up into a fierce mohawk, Salander style. After playing around for a while, I came up with this twisted faux hawk and I am tottttalllllly in love with it...I want to wear it with dark lined eyes every day. Oh, and with black. Lots and lots of black.

jeans, boots - H&M ; tee, cardigan, belt, ring - thrifted ; bodychain - DIY'd

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

in the dark of December

Although I've been wearing my evergreen crown plenty this season, I definitely wanted to wear it today for the Solstice. I paired it with my absolute favorite velvet dress - the silhouette is so perfect for pairing with this ethereal crown.

dress, belt - thrifted ; shoes - H&M ; crown - DIY'd

p.s. I know technically the calendar doesn't say it's Winter until tomorrow,
but I always like celebrating Solstices and Equinoxes on the 21st

Monday, December 19, 2011

a woman is a lion in her own cause

We've only had a light dusting of snow so far and that has disappeared already in the morning sun. We are still dreaming of our first snow together at our apartment. We can't wait to see the city covered in a soft white blanket. (Tip: in the freezing cold, it's always good to have a friend to help take photos for you! Thanks, love!)

dress - thrifted ; coat, gloves - H&M ; boots - Kohl's ; tights - JC Pennys ; purse - vintage Coach ; hat - vintage

Friday, December 16, 2011

all the way home I'll be warm

I was so excited to whip this cape out today! Last year I won a gift certificate in a contest and I waited until the last minute to decide what to use it on. I'm so glad I picked this - I love capes (I've been rooting for their comeback for years!)!

dress, hat, ring - vintage ; cape - eShakti; tights, socks - Target ; shoes - Famous Footwear ; gloves - H&M


Sunday, December 11, 2011

a day between fall and winter

I was so lucky to come across a trove of vintage Missoni sweaters when I was employed by a thrift store. Everyone else who worked there thought they were ugly - they didn't even want to sell them! So I snatched them up for a song. This one is my favorite...I love the colors and the crazy pattern. Slouchy sweaters are the best to throw on on chilly days.

dress, gauntlets - H&M ; sweater - vintage Missoni ; shoes - Kohl's ;
socks - Target ; tights - JC Penny ; purse - vintage Coach ; hat, collar, belt, jewelry - vintage


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I saw her at the bus stop

This is one of the outfits that I am actually excited to wear. When I won these House of Holland tights in a giveaway hosted by My Passport to Style, I was delighted with the styling challenge they presented. I dreamed up this outfit on one sleepless night, and ever since then I couldn't wait for the opportunity to make it come to life.

dress - thrifted ; sweater, boots - H&M ; purse - vintage Coach ; hat, belt - vintage ; tights - House of Holland
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