Friday, January 14, 2011

from the moment I saw you standing all alone

Last fall I won a styling contest with eShakti and the prize was a gift certificate for their shop. Well, I waited and waited, unable to make up my mind, until it was about to expire and then finally decided on this beautiful cape. I love the classic cut and color - I'll be able to style it so many different ways!

DSC07053 - Copy

DSC07051 - Copy

DSC07059 - Copy

DSC07056 - Copy

DSC07063 - Copy

capt - eShakti; pants - H&M ; sweater - Target ;
hat - vinatage ; shoes - famous footwear ; gloves - vintage



Anonymous said...

I love your outfit, especially shoes..

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there, well done you for winning the comp no surprise you are so original, good choice loving your cape missy! Have a great weekend. Sharon xx

Kellie W. said...

You made a great choice, that cape is fantastic!

Sher said...

What a gorgeous gorgeous cape! I think you made the right decision!!

And I love how romantic these pictures are with the pink roses:)


Imogen said...

The cape is a wonderful choice it will be so versatile.

(In)Sane said...

I love the cape; I have one as well, but I had it made. I couldn´t find one that I absolutely loved.
But yours is really pretty and it looks amazing on you.


Alecto said...

that cape is indeed beautiful. i love the...flair? is that a decent descriptor? anyways, the cut fits your perfectly. oh, and i love the color of your shoes in the previous post.

alexandra cecilia said...

Lovely cape! And nice touch with the roses! The colours go perfect with each other, nice harmony. Great taste!!

Anonymous said...

OMG YOUR SCARF TURNED OUT SO WELL!!!! WAYYYY better than my first scarf! wow!!! Gorgeous.

Sooo. I miss you like crazy! email me back crazy pants!

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