Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what is her name that bears thy heart?

On this subzero day, I (some may say foolishly) ventured out for some pictures. I was not, however, completely bereft of mind, I did put on a scarf! I finished crocheting it this past week - my first endeavor into crocheting!

DSC07147 - Copy


I stopped into the grocery store the other day for something that was definitely not lipstick. But, on my way to the registers, I passed the cosmetics and noticed that the brand of lipstick I wear was on sale for only $2 a tube (usually around $8)! I couldn't resist picking up a couple new shades - this one is Rum Raisin.

DSC07153 - Copy

romper - thrifted ; blazer & boots - H&M ;
gloves - vintage ; scarf - handmade ; sunglasses - vintage


Lala said...

I love this outfit, especially the romper - I've wanted a silk full-length one like that for some time now. But how are you not freezing?!

Love your blog, I'm a follower. Visit mine and follow me back? :)

liyana said...

oh wow still snowing!
me love ur cardi

(In)Sane said...

I am a true fan of lipstick; unfortunately I can´t wear it because I have braces ( bummer, I know). That was a sweet deal; I mean 2$!? Wow.
And congrats on completing the scarf; I could´t knit even if my life depended on it.


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