Wednesday, March 30, 2011

they knew not whither she was gone

Shepherdesses are my current inspiration. These photos were taken by my boyfriend.

DSC07530 - Copy

DSC07520 - Copy

DSC07507 - Copy

skirt, shirt, boots - thrifted ; shawl - gifted ; crown - DIY'd

DSC07484 - Copy

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Monday, March 21, 2011

every path has its puddle

Spring's rainy days don't bring me down - they promise lush green grass, buds on the trees, and gorgeous flowers to come. In fact, rainy days are my favorite.

DSC07461 - Copy

It's so nice not having to worry about getting my shoes dirty whilst photo-taking! Wellies are made for the mud! I love hearing the mud puddles splash and squelch under my rubber boots.

DSC07462 - Copy

DSC07474 - Copy

DSC07464 - Copy

After dark nails in fall and winter, I am craving light pastels for my fingertips. I was thrilled when I found Essie's "Lilacism." Not only is it the perfect pale purple, lilacs are my favorite flower. (Also, Essie is one of the nail-polish brands that are "Big Three Free," meaning no Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, or Toluene.)

DSC07482 - CopyDSC07470 - Copy

dress, trench coat, purse, scarf - H&M ; sweater, umbrella - thrifted ;
boots - Liberty of London for Target ; tights - Target

DSC07466 - Copy

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

the wind longs to play with your hair

I'd like to take this post to talk about hair. As you probably know, I have unruly curly hair. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that just a year and a half ago it looked like this:

DSC02942 - softened

More recently, it has looked like this and this:

DSC06181 - Copy

DSC05824 - Copy

Today it looked like this:

DSC07450 - Copy

Whhhhat?!? It's straight! Why? Because the fabulous people at Misikko sent me a beautiful Hana Flat Iron to review! Now, let me tell you - I've only had my hair straightened about three times in my entire life. Each time took forever (and two times were in a salon). It took me about fifteen minutes (not even) to achieve this straight look with this iron. I loooooove the results! My hair was so sleek and silky - I couldn't keep my hands off of it all day. Not only does the Hana Flat Iron work quickly and effectively, it also has some other nice features including:
  • ceramic plates
  • an adjustable heat settings (140-450 degrees F)
  • an independent on/off switch
  • a sleek, streamlined design that is easy to hold
  • it's fast heating
  • a two-year warranty
  • it's pink!

DSC07453 - CopyDSC07455 - Copy

The people at Misikko are very friendly and pleasant to work with. My package arrived much sooner than I expected and it even contained a few extra goodies. I would definitely recommend Misikko to anyone looking for any professional hair styling tools. They boast a wide variety of sleek ceramic hair straighteners, hair dryers, curling irons, and other hair care products.

DSC07451 - CopyDSC07450 - Copy

Thanks to my boyfriend for taking today's pictures.

DSC07452 - CopyDSC07456 - Copy


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

one knit wonder

It smells like spring outside today. So much so that it prompted me to run down to my basement and carry up some of my spring clothes. I played dress-up for a while and then decided it wasn't quite the time to go out in any of those outfits. So, I decided I'd show off my latest knit creation.

DSC07421 - Copy

I want to wear this scarf every day for the rest of my life! The dimensions are perfect and the size of the stitches are nice and big. This only took me about a week to knit, and I used four skeins of yarn at $3 each, so that means that the whole thing only cost $12.

DSC07441 - Copy

DSC07446 - CopyDSC07439 - Copy (2)

DSC07429 - Copy

DSC07448 - Copy

DSC07445 - Copy

sweater - Target ; pants - H&M ; shoes - Famous Footwear ; scarf - DIY'd


Saturday, March 12, 2011

learning to dance in the rain

I thought I'd try and brighten up the dreary day with fun accessories in bright certainly made standing in the freezing rain more fun!

DSC07413 - Copy

DSC07415 - Copy

DSC07407 - Copy


DSC07417 - Copy

DSC07411 - Copy

coat - H&M ; tights - Target ; shoes - thrifted ; scarf - vintage ; umbrella - vintage

Friday, March 4, 2011

you took the time to figure me out

A friend at work gave me a Goodwill gift card over the holidays and I used it to buy this amazing vintage dress. I uncovered it today whilst room-cleaning and decided to dress up. I would so wear this dress to prom...if there were such thing as prom for old people.

DSC07389 - Copy

This ring was a recent DIY project...if you could even call it a project - it was so easy! I found the bow and some ready-to-be-DIY'd-rings at a craft store, and then I just hot glued two of the rings on the back of the bow. Voila!

DSC07396 - Copy

DSC07401 - Copy

dress - vintage ; belt - thrifted ; tights - Hanes ;
shoes - vintage ; necklace - vintage ; sunglasses - Target ; ring - DIY'd
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