Monday, April 4, 2011

either imagination or a headache

Before today I thought of this star-spangled dress as a "summer dress." Today it is fifty degrees outside and the wind could chill your bones straight through. So now, this dress is now an all seasons dress.

DSC07700 - Copy

DSC07673 - Copy

Cemeteries are wonderful places to be by yourself. They're quiet and peaceful and they lend themselves to self-reflection and imagination. A walk through the cemetery can also be romantic - this one is where I took my boyfriend on one of our first dates. Today's photos were taken by him.

DSC07683 - Copy

DSC07723 - Copy

DSC07716 - Copy

DSC07714 - Copy

DSC07730 - Copy

DSC07712 - Copy

dress, hat, glasses - vintage ; sweater - thrifted ;
shoes - Famous Footwear ; tights - Target ; ring - Wet Seal


Sian said...

Really cute dress! It looks amazing with those blue tights and the shoes, stunning outfit altogether!!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Love the navy, black and white colour palette. The dress looks great on you, it's not yet 'spring' yet here in Chicago either so I've been wearing a wool coat over all my cute spring frocks.

tess said...

The blue tights really make the outfit pop. I love exploring cemeteries as well and finding intriguing names on tombstones

captain kimi said...

your tight's colour looks amazing.
this cemetery looks so old reminds me of the old celtic ones in great britain but (guess it isn't that old ^^).
btw: taking your date to the cemetery is an interesting option. I'll remember that when I don't know were to go.

love, kimi

Play-o-Tron said...

Great Photos !

My Site

My Passport to Style said...

Hi sweetie, loving todays outfit post, just to let you know your March 21st post was featured over on My Passport to Style along with another Style blogger. I linked to you and let you know on that post, but have just checked and see I have not saved my comment!!If you pop over today it will still be up.Sharon xx

Lottuska said...

You have such awesome photos here in your blog! I love your outfits, especially this one with the blue tights and the cute dress.

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