Monday, May 2, 2011

no time to turn at beauty's glance

Today my boyfriend showed me some abandoned railroad tracks near his house - it was possibly the coolest place to take pictures ever. There was even a device that would switch over the tracks (what do you call that?) from one track to a different one. It still works! Also, I saw two snakes - the first time I've ever seen any in nature. It was awesome.

DSC07917 - Copy

DSC07919 - Copy

Here I am changing the tracks. Seriously, this setting was so cool! I can imagine many more photos will be taken here. Thanks to my boyfriend for taking the pictures today.

DSC07926 - Copy

DSC07922 - Copy

dress - thrifted ; leggings, shoes - H&M ; necklace - DIY'd.


tess said...

cute leggings! They're so blossom!

Kimi said...

That's a good question, so I looked it up. It's actually just called a railroad switch, or turnout. My first instinct was to call it a turnstyle, but that is something else entirely.

Lovely pictures! You look very ethereal.

Hannah said...

What a hidden little gem of a place!

I absolutely adore your floral leggings!! Those are a piece of clothing from the 90's that I'm glad got brought back. Your styling is effortless and chic. :)

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