Wednesday, August 31, 2011

and what of the cowrie shell?

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Reading One Day (and seeing the wonderful movie afterward) has inspired this outfit. I can see a few details reminiscent of that grunge era in my outfit (an era so brilliantly depicted in Nicholl's book), but I'm glad I have avoided any overload of it.

After my dad handed this shirt down to me I wore it constantly. Once I forgot to take a pin I was wearing off, though, and will forever be reminded of it by a small cruel rust spot above the right pocket. However, this always prompts me to cover it with some sort of pin or brooch, allowing me to become that much more accessorized. If only more articles of clothing elicited such help with accessorizing (without the sad rust spot) - it would be harder to just throw something on and head out the door (my usual routine).

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I try to spend a few days out of every summer in the lovely peninsula of Door County. My childhood vacations there will always be brought to mind when I see a Dala Horse - a traditional Swedish icon. Some nights we would eat at a Swedish restaurant (the wait staff even wore traditional Swedish clothing - or costumes) and afterward tour the boutique adjoining it. When I was younger, my grandma gave me a beautiful sterling silver dala horse necklace from the boutique and ever since they have held a permanent place in my imagination. This particular necklace started out as an ornament purchased from the same boutique last fall. I added the chain it has become a go-to accessory.

Cowrie shells have always been mysterious and alluring to me. They were first brought to my attention in a book I read and reread as a child and ever since they have continued to spark my imagination and sense of adventure. They are also symbols of womanhood and fertility which is not surprising as their gorgeous underside resembles a vulva. I fashioned this ring with copper wire as it is said to stimulate mental energy. And it looks pretty.

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dress, denim shirt, belt, brooch - vintage ; boots - H&M ; necklace, ring - DIY'd ; glasses - dollar store


Mary Lou said...

oh i love this star print;) and o gosh how cute is the pony necklace!!!! you rock this outfit!
love and kiss,mary

Bad Joan said...

That horse necklace is too cute!!


Ruxandra said...

Oh, how I love Cowrie shells.My friend recently bought me a pair of earrings with them and I simply love them :) Adorable outfit, I really like your shoes.was the movie good?I've only recently seen the trailer and heard about the book.

Bethany Heron said...

You look so cool as always, love this outfit! I love that shell ring too!

Anna G said...

I love the pins added to the boots. I'm trying hard not to ruin any of my favorite items. I stained this gorgeous, blue and white top. I have to wear layer to cover it up.

*R-B* said...

Awesome look!! I love it!!!

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