Saturday, August 6, 2011

the less he spoke the more he heard

Even though it seems like we'll never be "finished" with moving in and getting settled, there are some things I find pleasure in, amongst the chaos. For example, the most amazing owl mirror I picked up at a local antique store (and my homemade banner reflected in it). And, there is nothing more relaxing than a candle-lit bath (the bathroom continues to be the cleanest place in our apartment!).


This is the beginning of the "hat wall." We needed more storage space in the closet so I decided to put our hats out on display. Can you tell which one isn't mine? I have a collection of kitty things that I acquired during my childhood - most of them now reside on the top of my dresser.

DSC08735-polaDSC08510 - Copy-pola

Our bookshelf has migrated to the opposite wall, although I'm sure you can't tell from the photo. And lastly, gorgeous flowers from Red.

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