Sunday, August 7, 2011

the petals keep falling...

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Something I've discovered is that some hairstyles just need rolling out of bed to complete. Consider this one - just added a rose bloom and voila - done. No fussing, no touching up, just throw on an outfit and out you wander. The only thing is - recreating a bed-head look is pretty much out of the question.

I recently found this sweet dress on the sale racks at H&M for only $7. The detailing on the neckline and the shoulders are darling and the color will enable it to be worn for multiple seasons.

My bracelet was purchased from a vendor at a cultural festival. I think it's supposed to be part of a belly dancing costume - at least that's what most of the items in the booth were. The bracelet connects to a ring to be worn on the middle finger so the jingling coins cascade down the hand. It's quite an intriguing piece of jewelry even though it probably didn't come from any exotic land.

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dress - H&M ; belt - thrifted ; shoes - Charlotte Russe ; bracelet - street vendor


wardrobeexperience said...

i tried this dress on at h&m, it didn't fit me right. on you it looks perfect. love it!

Anonymous said...

I really love that dress, and that bracelet is SO CUTE!
you look so adorable!

Bethany Heron said...

Those shoes are gorgeous! You look amazing :) xx

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