Monday, August 8, 2011

to shimmer like a mermaid's tail

DSC08775 - Copy

Last night I fashioned this headpiece out of shells and sea glass. It reminded me of something a mermaid might wear, so to continue that theme I opted for a long flowing skirt, wooden necklace, and a pearly bracelet.

DSC08785 - Copy

DSC08783 - CopyDSC08799 - Copy

DSC08812 - Copy

DSC08834 - Copy

DSC08770 - Copy

DSC08803 - Copy

skirt - H&M ; blouse - thrifted ; jewelry - vintage ; sandals - Zoe & Zach ; headpiece - DIY'd


My Passport to Style said...

Hi Indy, you look so sweet as a mermaid looks like you have another talent to add to your list this headband is gorgeous! Sharon xx

Brea Marie said...

You look stunning! You are so creative with your accessories, and so brave! This risk was worth it- I adore this outfit!
I will be home on 17th, and we DEFINITELY need to hang out!

thank you for linking me on your blog!!! I really appreciate it!! :)

miss you girl!

Hannah said...

I love the creativity and effort you put into your headband!
You are definitely pioneering the mermaid fad. I've heard it mentioned a few other times lately, I guess like vampires and werewolves, there time is coming!

Overall though, this outfit is really pretty and you're very photogenic. That last photo is so cool, like a mermaid deep in daydreaming.

chestnutmocha said...

Your skirt is wonderful!

Tabi'lein said...

OMG, it's pretty amazing. ♥

Larissa said...

digging around in your archives- this post is quite lovely and your outfit with your beautiful jewelry makes you look like a goddess- I love your necklace and headband- so pretty! (you should totally open a store- I'd buy your handmade jewelry :D)

Rose Calamero said...

i love this hippie style so much,!
keep it up Indy, and btw, i love your blog =)

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