Sunday, October 16, 2011

glitter 'round her eyes

Although I adamantly proclaim my love for fall and everything it entails, when the first actually chilly day comes around I do tend to pout a bit for the loss of the glorious warm and comfortable weather of late summer. Today it wasn't just bitterly cold, it was also windy and rainy. But nothing that couldn't be countered with my trusty black trench coat.

dress - thrifted ; trench, gauntlets - H&M ; jewelry, bow - vintage ; boots - Target ; glasses - dollar store



wardrobeexperience said...

ohooooooooooo! you look stunning in this pink flowered dress.

Lillian said...

love that trench! classic and just perfect.

Bria said...

you were wearing that dress when we hung out! SO CUTE! those booth+tights are so perfect too! i love the way you styled this :)

Teddi said...

i want that dress, & those boots! the gloves are also cool too. who am i kidding just give me the whole outfit. ;)

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