Wednesday, November 30, 2011

yet another favorite velvet

This is yet another favorite velvet dress I pulled from the racks of some lonely thrift store. Long sleeve velvet dress = love. I'm also wearing my dala horse necklace - some people ask me if I'm Swedish...but, alas, I'm just a fan.

dress - thrifted ; hat - vintage ; socks - Target ; shoes - H&M ; purse - vintage Coach ; necklace - DIY'd


Monday, November 28, 2011

and winter fast approaching

I adore slipping on this sweater dress and feeling warm and cozy all day...It even has pockets!

dress, shoes - H&M ; purse - vintage Coach ; bow, brooch - vintage ; tights - Target

Saturday, November 26, 2011

my crown is called content

I am so happy with how this crown turned out. I had to take it apart and refashion it a few times, but in the end it turned out exactly how I had envisioned it. I can't wait to experiment with different flowers and colors, although I am completely head over heels with these burgundy hydrangeas.

dress - thrifted ; crown - DIY'd

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

good things also come in threes...

This blog's third anniversary has just blown right by without me even realizing it (it was November 6th!)! I started this baby in 2009 and I am amazed at what it has become since then. I have seen my style evolve tremendously and I have met so many other wonderful bloggers. For the anniversary, I decided to peruse the annals of my outfit pictures and show you my favorites from the past year. Thank you to my readers who have been with me since the start, and welcome to all my new's to a great third year and the start of the fourth! (All outfit details can be viewed in the original post, which is linked with the date of publication.)

November 17, 2010


Monday, November 21, 2011

all wrapped up in a giant scarf

I've had this dress sitting in my closet for a while. When I thrifted it, I had the intention of shortening it...which I finally got to last night. Annnd, I cut it way shorter than I had wanted (I am not a measuring/pinning/careful in anyway type of person so I thought I'll just cut just below this button - well I actually cut it below a much higher button). I mean, it's definitely still wearable...but a longer hemline would still have been super cute and probably more versatile in the work and family occasions category. Ah, well. It's a quality dress - not the cheap denim-like material that many denim dresses are made out of today - it's real and heavy - where a dress of today might be too light for a brisk day like today, this one is just fine.

I knitted this scarf last winter and it has proved to be an indispensable accessory this season. I used big needles and super thick yarn to make the chunky knit.

dress - thrifted ; shoes - Candie's ; scarf - DIY'd ; tights - Target ; purse - vintage Coach ; jewelry - vintage ; hairpiece - DIY'd

Sunday, November 13, 2011

what those blustery winds blew in

The winds were certainly blowing today - they blew the frigid weather away and replaced it with unbelievably beautiful 60 degree weather. I was thankful to have only worked in the morning because then I went straight out to play at the park.

I was also glad because I got to wear this awesome dress I picked up last week at a thrift store. The minute I got it home I had to perform emergency surgery on it to remove the hideous shoulder pads, but now it's pretty much perfect. There is an excess of fabric (look how much I can hold out on the skirt above), so if I don't belt it it's pretty much a shapeless blob. But that's ok - I just belt it and then twirl to my heart's content. Speaking of twirling - here is a tip from me. Plain black cotten spandex shorts. Get some. They hug your legs so they will not interrupt the silhouette of a dress, and they will most definitely save you from any peek-a-boo moments during a spontaneous twirl, rakish winds, or any other potentially embarrassing situations. I have several pairs of these shorts left over from my days as a volleyball player and I am thankful for them every time I put them on - trust me they will save you and give you peace of mind. I certainly took advantage today - this twirly dress paired with the unforgiving gusts of wind called for them.

dress, hat, belt, jewelry - vintage ; purse - vintage Coach ; tights - Target ; shoes - H&M


a place to call my own

We moved in June and I've finally just put together my little corner space. It feels so good to have a little spot for all my pretty things - I hate having them strewn all over the room or shoved in drawers and boxes where you can't see them. All the key pieces were either handed down to me or thrifted. The shelf I've hung all my necklaces from on the left is actually a vintage thimble holder (thanks to my boyfriend's mom for helping us figure out what it was supposed to be used for). It helps keep my favorite necklaces easily accessible and free from tangles. We bought that and the two other shelves at a thrift store for .99 - 1.99 each. The shoe shelf was a score for $5. It holds nine pairs of shoes and keeps them off the floor and out of their boxes for me to see. I also pushed a tack into the side of it so it can hold one of my purses. The round mirror was also a thrift find - for only $5 - I was expecting upwards of twenty dollars, but was thrilled to see the lower price. There is a tray on the dresser and one on the shoe shelf - they also help keep my jewelry organized. The one on the shoe shelf is a gorgeous mirrored tray - I love keeping my rings on it. Both trays were $1.99.

All these items were acquired over months and months of thrifting trips and everything else I had brought with me from my parent's house. Now that this set up is in place I hope to add more personal touches like photos, flowers, and other artwork.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

you got to me, baby

I came across this lovely blush colored dress yesterday while my boyfriend and I were thrifting. I'm excited to add such a pretty colored item to my wardrobe. Looking over the outfit, I wish I had one picture without the cardigan - the sleeves of the dress are the draped so beautifully - almost akin to a dancer's costume. I supposed even though it wasn't snowing, it was still cool enough that the thought of bare arms was too much.

dress, cardigan - thrifted ; hat - Target ; shoes - H&M ; purse - vintage Coach ; jewelry - vintage
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