Saturday, November 5, 2011

her hair, like her life

My hair is currently the longest it's ever been in my life. I love it. I want to have mermaid hair before I take the plunge and donate everything again. Last time I donated was about two and a half years ago. It was short - consult the top photo and think shorter than that. I loved my hair short. I love it long. It's ok in between, but mainly that's just a lot of waiting for it to grow.

Now, when the nice people at Misikko approached me and wondered if I'd like to review a curling iron for them, I was a little puzzled. I already have curly hair. But, I have reviewed several other products for Misikko and loved them, so I thought why not.

So they sent me the curling iron. And it sat and sat and sat gathering dust and eliciting guilty looks from me whenever I had a moment to spare. Partially because I was in the process of moving. But mainly because I have no time to really experiment with hair. And I knew to try the curling iron I'd want to first straighten my hair. If you remember, this is what my hair looked like straightened in March...

So, when I finally went to try the curling iron I straightened my hair first. And, then I attempted to curl it. Now, when I was in elementary school, one of my friends came to school with a three inch burn on her temple. It was from a curling iron and her mom had accidentally burned her when curling her hair for her. I think that this freaked me out because I was terrified that I would touch my neck or my face with the curler.

I ended up with casual waves and I love them. I still get the effect of the straightener, but it adds a bit of volume and bounciness back in. This is from a person who has never ever curled her hair. Ever. So I have no experience using a curler. But now that I have one (a high quality one, I might add), I may attempt more hairstyles and take more time to play hairdresser.

Once again, Misikko has sent me a high quality hair tool. I used the Corioliss Wand Ceramic Curling Iron. It was sleek and shiny and easy to set up. It warmed up almost immediately which is great for people who are constantly hurrying.

In closing - Misikko is wonderful and I would definitely recommend their high quality products to anyone. Honestly, if I can use it, most everyone else will be able to with ease. The staff are beyond fantastic and helpful and my packages always arrive way sooner than I expect them. Every dealing I've had with this company has been amazing. They are in every way professionals and will go out of their way to make sure you have a quality product. Please check out their great selection of curling irons, professional hair straighteners, blow dryers, and other products.


My Passport To Style said...

Hi Indy, my hair is naturally wavy and a simular texture to yours, but sometimes does not quite behave in the waves it should! So I will deffinately check these out,thanks for flagging these up.By the way you won the Henry Holland limited edition crochet tights.Please can you email me your postal address to

Sharon xx

Teddi said...

in 7th grade my friend & were in her room sitting on the floor, while she was curling my hair. the curling iron dropped on my leg, & i got a serious burn. i can't remember whose fault it was, but i had forgotten that story until just now. my point. the burn didn't scar & i still curl my hair.

Hannah said...

I like the casual vibe the waves gave your hair. You did great!

When my hair was super long and curly, I would often use a curling iron to "touch up" some of my curls that just didn't bounce like the others. After I cut my hair short though, I haven't had much of a curl problem. But I know, for me now, it's fun to experiment with a curling iron now to get waves. I'm bad at it, but I'm sure I'll get better.

Have fun with your new tool!

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