Monday, April 25, 2011

and yet with you

The beautiful spring days are back for now...

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dress - H&M ; jacket, tights - Target ; shoes - thrifted ; bow - vintage ; necklace - DIY'd


Thursday, April 14, 2011

if it wasn't who it is

Along with the light pink tights from We Love Colors, I also received a gold pair. Whilst the pastels are great for spring, I can't wait to bust out the gold for fall. That being said, this video serves as a bit of a style "preview" for Fall 2011.

My boyfriend, Red, filmed this with me yesterday on the outskirts of our college campus. It was a different experience actually being filmed by someone instead of just doing all the work myself. And even though he prefers to mostly stay behind the camera, I was able to snag a few shots of him - they're at the very end.

tunic - thrifted ; vest - vintage ; hat, clogs - Charlotte Russe ; tights - courtesy of We Love Colors

I am very pleased with the quality and durability of the We Love Colors tights that I received (Nylon/Lycra Microfiber tights). They're very thick, soft, and they don't snag easily, which is a major plus for me (I always manage to snag my tights on the heels of my shoes). They are what you should look into if you are interested in legit opaque tights.

The colors of the actual tights do differ a bit from the color chart shown on the site (the light pink tights are less pastel and more of a bright light pink) and the colors are bright!

Overall, working with We Love Colors is a great experience. The people are friendly, the products arrive quickly and are of high quality. I would definitely recommend them to people looking for highly durable and opaque tights (they would be great for theatrical productions that require colorful costumes).

Monday, April 11, 2011

in every dream I dream

It felt so good to be out in the nice weather today...the grass is getting greener. It's kind of strange to be with actual spring weather and to still see bare skeletal trees...they don't really lend themselves to the spring-y atmosphere.

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DSC07795 - Copy

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Ever since I put clip-on earrings on my roller skates last year, I have started to clip them onto all my footwear. I especially love the look of them on these rugged boots.

DSC07789 - Copy

DSC07817 - Copy

dress, boots - H&M ; sweater - Target ; bracelet, earrings - vintage

Monday, April 4, 2011

either imagination or a headache

Before today I thought of this star-spangled dress as a "summer dress." Today it is fifty degrees outside and the wind could chill your bones straight through. So now, this dress is now an all seasons dress.

DSC07700 - Copy

DSC07673 - Copy

Cemeteries are wonderful places to be by yourself. They're quiet and peaceful and they lend themselves to self-reflection and imagination. A walk through the cemetery can also be romantic - this one is where I took my boyfriend on one of our first dates. Today's photos were taken by him.

DSC07683 - Copy

DSC07723 - Copy

DSC07716 - Copy

DSC07714 - Copy

DSC07730 - Copy

DSC07712 - Copy

dress, hat, glasses - vintage ; sweater - thrifted ;
shoes - Famous Footwear ; tights - Target ; ring - Wet Seal

Saturday, April 2, 2011

let me hang my hat and stay awhile

Here is the 2011 debut of my boater hat - I'm sure you will see it countless times more in the warmer months to come.

DSC07609 - Copy

The company We Love Colors was nice enough to send me a couple pairs of tights to review and here I am wearing their Nylon/Lycra Microfiber tights in "Light Pink." A proper review (which will include a video) is on the way.

DSC07622 - Copy


Photo credits go to my boyfriend. Putting up with my attitude credits also go to him.

DSC07601 - Copy

dress, hat, jewelry - vintage ; sweater - thrifted ; boots - H&M ; tights - courtesy of We Love Colors

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