Wednesday, June 29, 2011

you should never argue with a crazy mind

Here are some more pictures from our new apartment. Slowly but surely we are starting to feel more at home...



One of our first real meals - created in our new red crock pot. Those green jalapenos on top were plucked from our very own plant. If you remember from the last post the void where the mini-fridge had been was vacant. Now it is home to our cookbooks, crock pot, and toaster oven (this appliance is actually a toaster over and a toaster...quite possibly the most epic appliance ever!).


There are several antique stores within walking distance of our apartment so we decided to search them for trays to put beneath our newly potted herbs. We found a few including this one at the right - a T.V. dinner tray from the '70's.

Monday, June 20, 2011

all my life I've been good, but now...

I have some exciting news! My absence around the blog can be attributed to a HUGE change in my life. On Friday my boyfriend and I signed a lease for an apartment and we are in the process of moving in. As I said before, this is such a big step for both of us and we are very nervous but thrilled at the same time.

It is a one-bedroom in the second floor of an old building that has been transformed into apartments. The ceilings are at least twelve feet high and the gorgeous windows let in so much natural light. Here are a few photos from the first couple of days.


On the left is our living room and on the right is the "kitchen." We had the landlord take out the ancient stove that was to the left of the sink because it was, as I said, ancient and most probably a fire hazard. Also, the spot to the right of the sink held a mini fridge that we also had them take. We decided that it would be much easier to have a standard sized fridge (we cook A LOT). Finding room for our new fridge has proved difficult, however. We plan on building shelves in the space under the counter to hold cookbooks.


This is our bookcase project. It was my genius idea to, instead of buying a traditional bookcase, make our own out of boards and bricks. Simple (though hard to lug up to the second floor), but not as cost efficient as I had hoped (around $90 for the boards, bricks, paint, and paintbrushes). Also, in the left picture you can see the fridge we ended up with in its current location.


There is a Farmer's Market every Saturday and it is located literally just around the corner from our apartment. This beautiful bouquet is what I returned with after wandering through.


There is our finished will definitely be filled up once more books are brought over, but for now it holds some essentials. On the right - our first "lunch" (and several meals since...we need to go grocery shopping) at our new apartment. There is a Mexican grocery store down the street and they have the most delicious fresh salsa and guacamole. We are already addicted.


We are looking forward to growing our own herbs and vegetables but now while we're unpacking there is less than adequate room for them. So, they ended up being set in the bathtub until further notice. Eventually we needed to shower so they got transferred to the kitchen table. We will also be making our own compost in a 5 gallon plastic bucket - tonight I plan on finishing painting it and hammering nail holes into it - is it weird to be excited about COMPOST?

Well, anyways, there is a little update. I will definitely be posting more about the decorating process, growing the herbs and veggies (and maybe the compost?!), and green living in general. However, we do not have wi-fi (and do not have the funds to acquire it any time soon), so I will only be able to post when I have time to trek down the street to the library.

Lastly, I hope to resume outfit posts also. We have been so busy with moving and working that I have had no time for any pictures (which is probably good because my uniform for the past few days has been an old Dunder Mifflin tee shirt and my middle school gym shorts). I hope to discover a few new cool places for pictures once we have time to explore a little bit!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

except, of course, my teddy bear

My love of tote bags most likely stems from the constant use of them when I was little. I have many memories of my mom using one (or more) wherever we went. Not to mention their practicality. I found this one while digging in the depths of bag-storage in my basement. I used this bag when I was in preschool and all throughout my childhood (I especially remember it holding piano lesson books for a while) and it is still in perfect working condition. And it's an early '90's sort of way.

DSC08188 - Copy

DSC08192 - Copy

DSC08201 - CopyDSC08190 - Copy

DSC08194 - Copy

dress, shoes - H&M ; socks - Charlotte Russe ; blouse - thrifted ; headband DIY'd ; tote - vintage
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