Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY shoelaces

When my boyfriend and I were in downtown Milwaukee the other day, we stopped in American Apparel. I fell in love with their large variety of bodysuits, leotards, and velvet pieces, but alas, all were too much for my small little wallet. Before leaving, however, we did stumble upon a bucket of pretty ribbon-y shoe laces. They were lovely and I immediately knew the shoes I had to put them in. Plus they were only $8, so I figured they were worth it.

My tips for a shoelace makeover:

1) Take a picture of the way your old laces are laced on the shoes before you take them out! Even if you have no intention of keeping them laced the same way, it's nice to have a reference.

2) Before lacing, measure the original laces against your new material - you want to make sure you have enough! Also, if you are using a material that is likely to fray (like yarn), add a couple inches to the length in case you need to trim the edges once you are done lacing your shoes.

Okay, so this post isn't SO much of a DIY because I used laces that were already meant to be shoelaces - but using them has inspired me to pursue the literally endless possibilities of matierial to use for laces. Yarn, ribbon, ric-rac...my canvas sneakers are just screaming for a shoelace makeover!

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Carmen said...

They look so cute with the ribbon laces!

Carmen Ri.

mrs potts said...

ohhh look at this shoes, you're an artist :)

The Princess Little Box said...

So cute! Love them =)



Teddi said...

great tips indy! i hadn't thought about the rick rack or the other ideas. if you decide to do those too, will you show us how they turn out?

seacreatures said...

i love ribbon shoelaces! these are lovely :)

I Art Fashion said...

Laces make such a big difference.
Great post


Emmy said...

What a great idea. Using those laces give the shoes a totally different look, eh?

Anonymous said...

Why don't I think of these things? Oh wait, that's why I have your blog :) Lovely idea, can't wait to try!

<3 Cambria

sacramento said...

It does make a wonderfl change, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

Une parisienne... said...

Good idea and very nice result. I also like to change the laces to personalize some shoes, the last I've done is for a pair of flat boots, I've put satin laces to feminize them... You can see that here : My laces customization
I like your blog, thanks for sharing your nice pictures and your good ideas.
Kiss from Paris
Trip in my dressing

Sam said...

Yay, loving this DIY, because it looks like something I can actually do. I will be trying this with my brogues, Thanks for the great idea!

♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

Oh that's a good idea to take a picture of the original shoe laces, so you won't forget how to lace them back. :D
It's a cute idea! Love your shoes. :)

And thanks so much for your comment on my skull bracelet, it meant a lot to me!! :D


Frou Flu said...

Brogues!:) I love brogues! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog BTW:)

Ciara Baron said...

That look adorable with the ribbon in them!
I have a pair of Doc Martens with ribbon laces, and I wanted to do it with my other shoes.
My only worry is, won't they start fraying without the shoelace tip?

Ciara xx

Alicia said...

Well you did a great job it is looking amazing seems like I have to try this at home, step by step reconsideration will make my work easy!

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