Tuesday, February 14, 2012

in the frosty air

My boyfriend and I had a great time exploring this massive cemetery we stumbled upon during one of our adventures. The statues, mausoleums, and headstones were unique, gorgeous, and practically glowing in the light coating of snow.

I'm having a fun time experimenting with this hairstyle. Basically, it's just folded up and pinned with a handful of bobby pins, but I feel like it looks a lot more elegant and involved than it really is. This style's perfect for an easy vintage-inspired look, and it's definitely a great alternative to a ponytail.

dress, cardigan, belt - thrifted ; hat, boots - H&M ; tights - Target


I Art Fashion said...

Super pretty
Love your hat


Sara S ♥ said...

That's a great, dark outfit to go to a cemetary in! Love that hat on you!

Despina T. said...

beautiful.i love wearing black and grey in winter :) lovely pics

The Princess Little Box said...

Love the hat dear


Teddi said...

you totally nailed the vintage with your hair, hat, complete outfit. my guy & i would often go walking in the cemetery behind our old house. it was calming for me.

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Goodness! I have this same dress that you're wearing and I also thrifted it. Such a small world, isn't it? ❤

Emmy said...

You should totally do a tutorial on the hair! And love the outfit:)

Sophia said...

I love the icyness of the photos! So a la Phantom of the Opera!


akiko said...

You look amazing! Love your hat and your hair style. You have such a great blog & Im your new follower! It'd be great if you do the same if you like mine :) xo akiko
Style Imported

Anonymous said...

Hiarstyle is FABULOUS...it looks amazingly elegant on you. Reminds me of some British lady or something :) Love the hat too, really cute touch to the outfit.

<3 Cambria

Une parisienne... said...

Love the outfit and the place is amazing !
Kiss from Paris
Trip in my dressing

Mary Lou said...

oh how beautiful is that small grey hat, and i also love your hair on this pics, it looks very very elegant and is definitely a fabulous alternative for a pony tail, i´m also struggling with my hair so many times, that i need more alternatives like that for bad hair days;)
you look really gorgous!
love and kiss,mary

Y además sombreros said...

Me encanta tu estilismo, es preciosa la mezcla del vestido con la chaqueta y con el sombrero.
Un beso.

sacramento said...

I love this ensemble. It has a victorian flair to it. Gorgeous.

Sarah K. said...

I love your hat! and your blog is lovely; I especially like the wood background! simple and very pretty.

thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'll definitely be visiting yours regularly! ♥


Cyntia said...

I love this outfit. I wish I could pull of hats! Super cute.


Kristian said...

I've been scrolling through all your lovely pictures and entries but I think this is my favorite hat so far. And your hair do really makes it look like something even more special.


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