Friday, March 9, 2012

put the "pep" in Sgt. Pepper

Whenever I wear this jacket, I get one of two comments from pretty much everyone:
1) OMG, Michael Jackson!
2) OMG Sgt. Pepper!
Really, either is good with me.

dress - thrifted ; jacket, hat - H&M ; tights - Worthington ; shoes - Kohl's


Teddi said...

well ya they're both fashion icons. i said that about someone's red military inspired jacket a month or so ago. i wondered if they were offended. i didn't mean it in a bad way. i like how you paired your jacket with the floral skirt.

Well... said...

Haha, omg, that jacket is awesome! ;)
I love the detailing on it, and it goes with that gorgeous floral dress perfectly <3
I swear, thrift stores have the best prints sometimes!
Loving wine colored tights and wedges too.

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The Princess Little Box said...

Love the jacket dear!


Emmy said...

Awesome jacket:) OMG! Michael Jackson:P

yiqin; said...

you rock this getup <3

Wren said...

I love the military with the floral.


Laura said...

First thing I thought was "OMG, this takes me back to marching band." :P

Those shoes are fantastic! This whole look is pretty awesome. :)


Hannah said...

I adore this look! I would have never thought to pair a jacket like this with floral. Great combination. :)
I've got quite an obsession with band/military jackets. It took forever to thrift one, but I did it! It's a fun addition to my wardrobe.

Gaby My said...

Wow! que lindo blog! ame tus outfit1 ame los zapatos!
Gracias por pasar por mi blog!

Une parisienne... said...

You are so beautiful ! I love the dress, the jacket and even more the shoes !!
Great look
Kiss from Paris
Trip in my dressing

The Jones said...

These are fantastic heels...perfect height and shape for a good leg line. And the jacket with the military styling pairs perfectly with the floral of my top fav ensembles in some time!

<3 Cambria

wardrobeexperience said...

adorable outfit!

Mary Lou said...

just gorgous how you paired the sergeant pepper jacket with that floral maxi skirt, and i have to repeat burgundy is such a great colour on you!
love and kiss,mary

Anerol said...

Un estilo muy personal, gran interpretacion de la moda!! gracias por tus visitas y comentarios, un besito espaƱol MUAKA!!!

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