Monday, April 30, 2012

our differences they got a lot to teach us

It is so strange for me to have my hair straightened. It honestly feels completely different...and I feel like my whole look is transformed. It feels a bit like I am in disguise. I always see if I can manage to put off showering for just one more day...because once it's wet it will return to its wild and unruly self. I decided to straighten it because I ran across my straightener whilst packing up the apartment...and well, let's just say it will be a long time before I will be unpacking any of those boxes.

dress - vintage ; hat, jacket - H&M ; shoes - Kohl's

Friday, April 27, 2012

DIY bleach pen shirt

Here is a shirt I made using a bleach pen (I mentioned it and wore another shirt I made with the same technique here). I decided I wanted the shirt to say GO THE DISTANCE, as Rocky has been quite an inspiration of late. Here are the steps to make your own bleach pen shirt.

You will need: an old t shirt (I got mine from a thrift store for $.99), white chalk (office supply store for $.79), and a bleach pen (around $3 from a department store). If you are making one like this you will need letter stickers (I got mine from a craft store), and painter's tape.

1. Before you start right in on the shirt (which can be so tempting), I suggest drawing out your design on scratch paper first. That way you have an idea of what it will look like and you can experiment with different kinds of writing, spacing, ect. Also, put the shirt on and decide where you want the writing to fall while you're wearing it. Lastly, make sure to put something (piece of wood, cardboard, wax paper) inside the shirt to prevent the bleach seeping through.

2. I used painter's tape to make a straight line for a guideline on the left hand side. Then, stick your letters on. They are easy to reposition, so you can rearrange if need be.

3. Trace letters with chalk.

4. After your letters are all traced, remove the stickers.

5. Here is what my letters looked like after I pulled the stickers off.

6. Using your bleach pen (and be sure to follow the directions for use stated on your own pen), outline the letters carefully.

7. Fill in the letters

8. This is what my shirt looked like after I finished filling in all the letters.

11. Set your shirt in the sun to intensify the bleaching effects. Let dry completely.

10. Spray with vinegar (or add vinegar to the rinse water if you don't have a spritzer) to help neutralize the effects of the bleach (the bleach will continue to eat through the fabric even after it's been washed if you don't use the vinegar).

11. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. Let dry.

So there you have it. And the amazing thing about bleaching a shirt (or whatever) this way is that there are so many different designs you can do! What quote or design would you put on your shirt?

*Update* Check out my first bleach pen creation here, my Deathly Hallows bleach pen shirt here, and my crescent moon bleach pen design here! :)


Monday, April 23, 2012

with enough preparedness I'm very spontaneous

I've waited for so long, but today I'm excited to be able to share this news with you. Next month I will be moving to beautiful Door County to work from mid May until November. I am very happy and thankful for this opportunity and I'm definitely ready for an adventure. I'll be going up by myself and staying in an area I've only visited once before. Since I'm not moving permanently, I don't want to move a lot and I have space limited to one carload to bring up. So, I have a feeling you'll be seeing many more simple outfits (like this) from me this coming summer. I can't wait to find all sorts of new places to take outfit photos...

dress, sweater, hat - thrifted ; shoes - H&M


Thursday, April 19, 2012

all I wanna do is go the distance

One of my favorite film heroes of all time is Rocky Balboa. Lately Rocky has graced my inspirations page, and the soundtrack from the 1976 film has been constantly blaring from my headphones. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this shirt hanging on the racks of H&M. I (obviously) couldn't pass it up. I've scored some other really cool Rocky shirts online...I'll be sharing them soon. Who are your favorite film heroes?

dress (worn as skirt) - thrifted ; shirt, hat - H&M ; socks - Target ; shoes - Candies

Monday, April 16, 2012

a most blustery day

I'm no stranger to windy days or to less-than perfect conditions while taking outfit photos, however, today was definitely the worst wind I've experienced ever! I trekked down to the railroad tracks to take photos there, but I ended up having to take them against this wall nearby because it shielded me from the worst of the wind...but not enough to prevent my hat flying off and my dress from billowing up constantly. It also started raining half way through. When I arrived home, I was pleased to find a few photos worth sharing...and some not. For fun I decided to include a few of the not so good ones below. It was really windy, people!

dress, backpack, umbrella, hat - thrifted ; jacket - H&M ; shoes - Kohl's

Thursday, April 12, 2012

...their voices soft as thunder

I am sooooo excited to wear this shirt...I DIY'd the quote on it with a bleach pen and I am in love with the way it turned out! (The quote is ...their voices soft as thunder - from the musical Les Miserables.) I can't wait to experiment further with the bleach pen...the possibilities are nearly endless! I also just cut these thrifted jeans into shorts and I can't wait to wear the heck out of them this summer...

tee - thrifted & DIY'd ; shorts, hat, tights - thrifted ; vest, shoes - H&M ; purse - Target

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

under the black hat

This black beauty is the newest addition to my hat collection. My boyfriend and I stopped at a thrift store yesterday and it was waiting for me...for only $1!

dress - H&M ; belt, tights - thrifted ; hat - vintage ; shoes - Kohl's

Monday, April 9, 2012

on an infinite ocean

I couldn't wait to wear my beautiful boater hat for the first time this year...and I can assure you that it will make many more appearances in the coming year. I knew I had to wear this dress, too, when I noticed that the color was almost the same as the sash on the hat.

dress - H&M ; hat - vintage ; socks - Charlotte Russe ; shoes - Kohl's ; necklace - DIY'd ; bracelet - thrifted

Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY thrifted dress makeover

When I go thrifting, I get super excited when I see a cute print peeking out of the mass of dresses. Most of the time when I pull it out I get a major let down when I see that it is a frumpity old thing. Well, I decided to change my philosophy for those sad dresses and I'm sure glad I did. Now, when I find one, I pull it out and add it to my 'try on' pile. When I head to the dressing room, here are the things I check for:
  • Is the top of the dress reasonably fitted?
  • If not, can a pleasing shape be achieved with a belt (I always make sure to bring a belt with me to the dressing room)?
  • Would this dress be super cute if I cut a little bit off the bottom (and removed the shoulder pads, in some cases)?
  • Are the other qualities of the dress appealing (like the neckline, print, presence of pockets, and material)?

If the answer is 'yes' to all of these questions, then I put it in my 'to buy' pile. With a quick snip of the scissors and addition of a belt, this dress got a complete makeover. (Plus, you can save the length you cut off and use it as a sash/belt!) I love it! Really, cutting some length off is all the time and effort I'm prepared to invest in modifying my thrifted clothes at this (busy) point in my life, but I feel like the outcome is great!

I'm really impatient when it comes to DIY's, however, and since I got this dress for less than $5, I've decided not to hem it. And I'm not going to feel bad about it either, ha - the raw edges add an extra playful element to it (in my opinion). If the fraying ever gets too severe, I can always go back and hem it (or not, you know, whatever).

dress, belt, purse - thrifted ; tights - Target ; boots - JCPenny
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