Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a star spangled memory

When I moved up here to the peninsula, I brought almost every hat that I own. Now, after attempting to wear them a few times since, I'm starting to hesitate. I'm very afraid that one will fly off and land in the water! Of course, only when I'm around the water, but lately that's been all the time I have off from work!

I love this dress...I bought it from an antique store for a mere $10. It's in fabulous condition and a perfect print for the holiday weekend we just had...

dress, hat - vintage ; belt, backpack - thrifted ; shoes - JCPenny ; necklace - DIY'd

Thursday, May 24, 2012

this one doesn't want to admit...

I'd like to thank the lovely company Sugarl!ps for sending me this beautiful blouse. Honestly, honestly, these pictures fail to do it justice. It's actually a pale pale pink with gorgeous embroidery detailing down the front and on the sleeves. I'm in love with the scooped neckline (perfect for showing off a rogue shoulder and a pretty collarbone) and the huge sleeves.

I've been messing around with a Canon Rebel XT that someone gave to me and (obviously) I haven't quite got the hang of it yet...sorry about the picture quality.

Sugar Cookie blouse - courtesty of Sugarl!ps ; shorts - thrifted and DIY'd ;
sandals - Target ; pouch - Silver Eagle ; crown - DIY'd

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

getting better all the time

I'm currently enjoying my first day off from work...I'm exhausted, but thoroughly enjoying exploring my new home. The weather has been amazing - even with the cool lake breezes all I need is a light dress and maybe a sweater thrown in the car just in case...

dress - H&M ; moccasins - Minnetonka ; crown - DIY'd

Thursday, May 17, 2012

one foot in front of the other

 I'm finally moved up to my new little space in Door County!  This is my first attempt at outfit pictures since getting here...and as soon as I dragged the tripod out of my car the weather seemed to change from sunny to gray and windy...I would have attempted more photos, but my tripod kept wanting to blow over!

My sweet boyfriend bought me these sunglasses.  I knew the moment I saw them that they had to be paired with this hat.  I loooove the result.  The shape of these frames really makes the look unique.

dress, belt, backpack - thrifted ; sweater, hat, shoes - H&M ; sunglasses - gifted

Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY frilly socks

I know I've been absent lately, but that's only because I've been super busy with the movin process and with training for my new job. I am hoping to be back to regular posting soon! Since I have no new photos, I dug back into my archive and brought out this DIY. This has been one of my most popular posts, so I decided to revamp and republish it.

Supplies: 1 pair socks (I used Basic Editions socks from Kmart - $3.99 for 2 pairs), lace (I used garter material from a craft store - about $1.99/yard), needle and thread (optional color), scissors. I was shopping for lace and ended up buying the make-your-own-garter lace. This gives you a place to stitch (along the top at the elastic), and the "flare" of the lace is already there.

Make sure you measure the lace around the circumference of the sock opening (and add a little bit for an overlap) to make sure you get enough. I bought a whole yard and ended up with enough to make two pairs.

1. Align the elastic of the lace with the top of the sock (or wherever you are placing it).
2. Using a running stitch, stitch around the elastic of the lace starting in the back.
3. Make sure and leave a little extra to overlap once you have stitched all the way around.
4. Knot the thread and snip any loose ends.
5. Fluff lace for desired effect.

Click this photo to view the original outfit post.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

another denim daydream...

I managed to get in one more outfit photo session while I had straight hair...although you can see my curls trying to make their presence known towards the ends.

This is my thrifted denim dress again...I'm obsessed with it. Since I've cut this dress and seen how versatile it can be, I want to wear it with everything! And I just might...

dress, hat - thrifted ; jacket, shoes - H&M
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