Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY turn a key chain into a necklace

Here is a very simple DIY that can turn a cute key chain into your favorite accessory! I have a thing for Dala horses, so when I saw these two cute key chains I scooped them up and quickly turned them into necklaces. They were about $4 each...which is great for mini hand carved and painted Dalas. (Do you remember this Dala necklace? That is where this DIY originated - it was previously an ornament - but I like how these Dalas are smaller and more three dimensional - like an actual carved Dala horse.)

Supplies: key chain, needle nose pliers, chain (measured and cut to your desired length), and clasp (I am lazy so I just use a small safety pin).

1. Using your pliers, open the jump ring that is attaching the key chain clip to whatever pendant you will be putting on your necklace.

2. Put your chain through the ring on your pendant and clasp.



Natalia said...

Lovely chain, I very much like these little Swedish horses! And lovely cats :)

Diana (double-ganger) said...

Thanks for commenting! If you like my blog- please follow and let me know in a comment. I will be sure to visit and follow your blog! :)


Diana (double-ganger) said...

thanks for visitng my blog and leaving a comment! love ur blog and outfits!


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