Friday, June 1, 2012

lady of the wild frontier

I am so excited to be living in an area where there are two stores that specialize in moccasins and other Native American and Native American inspired items.  When my boyfriend was visiting last week we stopped in so I could show him the great stuff they had and I ended up leaving with this beautiful faux coonskin hat (complete with striped tail).  I never expected to find a hat like this in a size that would fit an adult...I usually see them sized for children.  When I tried it on and it actually fit, I was instantly hooked.  I want to wear it everywhere!

raccoon tail hat - Fish Creek Moccasin Works ; shirt, shorts - thrifted and DIY'd.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I'm liking the hat.

Nice photos too.


Teddi said...

dear indy, it's so totally YOU! i bet you're thrilled to have found it. :)

Cynthia Adiesti Alivia said...

I just found your blog and... I like it! :)

Please visit mine


Sabrilett said...

Cool <3 it goes great with the fringed top

following you now :)
Sabrilett's Armoire

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