Saturday, June 16, 2012

tarot dreamer

I sat down at her table to see
a mysterious beauty with cards was she
she smiled at me and shuffled them well
my future, I hoped, she would soon foretell

the first card she drew and laid it down
I stared at it, breaking into a frown
she held up her finger to kindly protest
we had only but started upon our quest

the celtic cross she carefully set
while her two large bangles clanged their duet
and when she was done she looked up at me
and asked if there was anything that I could see

I thought it was strange she would ask that of me
when it was her that I was coming to see
she smiled knowingly when this I said
and without a word began nodding her head

and at that moment things started to change
to become all distorted and look very strange
it all fell away to reveal but a dream
and I knew that nothing was at all what it seemed

I looked to my side and caught just a glance
of myself in the mirror, and then just by chance
I peered a bit closer and I could just barely see
that the woman from my dream looked a little like me

my own deck of cards I pulled from their place
and shuffled them well, one more time, just in case
I laid out the cross and it was then that I saw
my past and my present with nary a flaw

I examined the cards for a moment then looked
back into the mirror and this lesson I took
that the answer all along was up in my head
there was nothing at all that I needed to dread

that I was the master of my own future foretelling
and there was nothing at all on which to be dwelling
and that when I seek guidance and my future to see
that I should look inwards first, the true seer is me


Teddi said...

not only do your photos speak volumes, but so do your words.

Emily Peebles said...

Oh my gosh! Did you write that? It was amazing!!

The Braided Bandit said...

SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I also love your adorable DIY necklace from your previous post too. Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!
xo Hannah

Cassie said...

That is gorgeous poetry. You do a phenomenal job!

▲my• said...


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