Tuesday, August 7, 2012

back for more

Hello!  Bet you thought you might not see me around again, but here I am...back for more.  I have been working like a mad woman, but on those rare occasions when I'm not working or sleeping, I can be found in outfits like this one - easy and cool for these hot summer days.  This dress used to be my mom's, and I love the playful summery colors and the nice deep pockets.  Also, these boots have been my go to footwear most days...the little heel just adds a little extra something without killing my feet.

dress - vintage ; belt - thrifted ; boots - Target


Laura Go said...

that dress is cute! Your mom has awesome style. And those boots are super cute!

♥ laura
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Nefertiti said...

j aim bcp le style de cette tenue,bravo !

Emma said...

That dress looks so comfortable and easy to wear! I love the simplicity of this outfit, just what you need in the summer heat! Hope you're relaxing a little bit amongst all the work!

Emma x

seacreatures said...

love this on you, reminds me of summer. plus also, your hair is stunning!

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