Wednesday, September 26, 2012

for everything you've lost and all you'll overcome

Now that it's officially fall, I can finally stop denying the brisk chill that's suddenly come into the air.  It's the time of year to break out my (yay!) velvet dresses and fall accessories like this pretty collar and these over the knee socks.  Speaking of accessories, I found these awesome knuckle rings on clearance for around $4, and figured that one for each hand was definitely necessary.

dress - thrifted ; collar - vintage ; hat - H&M ; socks, rings - Target ; shoes - Charlotte Russe

Sunday, September 23, 2012

these are the times that try our souls

dress - H&M ; boots - Minnetonka ; hat - Fish Creek Moccasin Works

Friday, September 21, 2012

twenty three

When I was twenty-two my life changed in so many different ways.  I went through a horrible heartbreak, bought my first car, got a new job, moved far away from home, met a lot of new people, made a new best friend, went through another heartbreak, and adopted a cat.  All of these happenings, plus all the other little things that I neglected to mention, have changed me in ways I could never have imagined.  I had no idea last year on this day what amazing things were in store for me and so, on this day, I can only hope to be as lucky in the coming year.  Today is my 23rd birthday.  I have no"23 before 24" list, but I do have some things that I am hoping for in my 23rd year.  This is going to be big, you guys.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

for every love that's lost I heard a new one comes

If I had to pick an item of clothing that I thought might be my "signature" item, it would be a hat.  Now, I'm not saying that one can just decide on their own signature item, but if I had to guess, that would be mine.  There is rarely an outfit of mine that doesn't include some form of head accessory, and it's usually a brimmed hat, like this one.  No matter the season, the occasion, or the rest of the outfit, more often than not I will be sporting a hat.  This black one in particular has become a favorite (I even went back and bought a second one just in case the original encounters some sort of freak hat tragedy).  It has been worn for job interviews, funerals, dates, many late night adventures on the peninsula, and even a FUN. concert.


dress, belt - thrifted ; hat - H&M ; shoes - Carlotte Russe

Friday, September 14, 2012

fleeting scenes from my Door County summer

My first month was full of walks past lovely lilacs, my favorite flowers.

One of my first outfit posts after my move.

The beautiful blue moon on August 31st. 

Exploring Egg Harbor Marina.

I spent many hours at this cemetery taking photos, gathering thoughts, and becoming inspired.

A photo from my favorite post.  I spent a lot of time this summer consulting those cards...

One of many beautiful sunsets.  This photo was taken by my friend, Jack. 

I played and watched a lot of pool this summer.  A lot of pool.  It sparked my intrigue, to say the least.  

In June, my roommate planted these and we waited patiently all summer for them to finally come up and bloom.

A message of hope stumbled upon during a Lake Michigan shoreline walk.

The tagline for my Summer 2012.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

somebody leaves you and you're never the same

This shirt was borrowed from a friend that's a huge Phish fan.  Earlier this summer we went together to see Phish play at Alpine Valley and this outfit is almost exactly the same as the one I wore that day.  They didn't play Waste, which is my favorite of their songs, but they did play Joy, which is almost as good.

Ha, noticed when I came out here for pictures that there are still lights wrapped around these trees.  Those are left over from a party my roommate threw at the beginning of August.  It's funny how fast time flies sometimes...


shirt - borrowed from a boy :) ; shorts - thrifted ; vest - H&M ; hat, ring - Target;
bracelets - Fish Creek Moccasin Works ; pouch - Silver Eagle ; boots - Minnetonka

Saturday, September 8, 2012

meet Luna

I'm so excited to share my new little furry something...Luna.  I brought her home on August 27th and she was only about six weeks old (we think).  It actually was one of those "accidentally on purpose" kind of things (as I told my mother when I called her, "Hi, mom, so, I accidentally on purpose got a kitten yesterday okIloveyoubye."), but I am loving every minute of having her.  She is the sassiest little creature imaginable.

I've had her only for a short time and all ready she has amassed a long list of nicknames...the Lunes, Tunes, Loony Toons, Looner Tooners, Tuna Luna, Tuna, Tuna Fish, Scrud, and Sassy Magee, to name a few.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

she is here and now she is gone

The appearance of outfits that include pants are few and far between on this blog.  Every time I decide to don this sheer blouse, however, I like to keep the rest of the outfit fairly simple, hence the decision to wear the pants and also flats instead of heels.  I wore this outfit to go out with a friend last night, and while it definitely drew some stares, I think is one of my favorite "out on the town" outfits.

Let's hear it for new shoes...I found these lovlies for only $20 and I fell in love.  I never thought I'd be into the whole slipper/shoe thing, but when I tried these on yesterday, I was immediately hooked.  I love the slightly rocker-ish vibe they add and the fact that they are not just plain old ballet flats.


pants, shirt - thrifted ; bralette - Express ; hat, vest - H&M ; ring, shoes - Target
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