Wednesday, September 26, 2012

for everything you've lost and all you'll overcome

Now that it's officially fall, I can finally stop denying the brisk chill that's suddenly come into the air.  It's the time of year to break out my (yay!) velvet dresses and fall accessories like this pretty collar and these over the knee socks.  Speaking of accessories, I found these awesome knuckle rings on clearance for around $4, and figured that one for each hand was definitely necessary.

dress - thrifted ; collar - vintage ; hat - H&M ; socks, rings - Target ; shoes - Charlotte Russe


seacreatures said...

love this! can i just say you're hair is amazing? you look so cool in all black!
i'm so excited!

SoFashionistica said...

These pictures are gorgeous! Do you take them yourself? Do you have any tips on taking pictures like these?
As for the outfit, I love it! I like how your hair looks in the pictures, it reminds me of my hair. I think I mentioned in another post that you and I have similar hair. I always see bloggers with strainght hair and it's refreshing to see someone with wavy hair.

Sara Strauss said...

I love your velvet dress and just your whole outfit in general! You always look so chic in black!

Despina T. said...

love the boots and the rings.
so lovely in total black.

DawnieP said...

This is a gorgeous look on you, I love the real 1970s vibe it has, it's very rock and roll hippy xxx



Laura said...

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I love that dress a whole lot - such a great find!


Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

That velvet dress is absolutely lovely and the fur collar with it is just perfect. You've got me wracking my brain trying to remember if I have any velvet and fur I can pair!

My Passport To Style said...

Hi Indie, loving your rings they remind me of steam punk, but also really smitten by your fur collar girl! Sharon xx

Kristian said...

Love the stockings and rings

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