Friday, October 12, 2012

a cautionary tale - 2nd reprint

These photos were first published in October 2010.  I reposted them last October and decided to do so again this year.  These pictures remain some of my favorites that I've taken over the almost four years that I've had this blog.  Every time I look back on them I become inspired to create something equally as pretty and mysterious.  I plan on republishing a few other posts this month, too, hopefully in addition to some new material.  Happy October.
dress, cape, bow, jewelry - vintage ; tights - Worthington ; shoes - Famous Footwear


SoFashionistica said...

These photos are amazing! I can't even describe how much I like what you did with them, from the outfit to the setting. It has sort of a dark romance appeal to it.
I actually wore those very tights earlier this week too! Great minds thinking alike!

seacreatures said...

this has always been one of my favorite posts!! i've actually come back to it multiple times, i'm so happy you reposted it!

Sara Strauss said...

These are such great pictures, so evocative and moody and fun. I can see why you like them so much!
These pics are getting me excited about Halloween too!

Une parisienne nommée Charlotte... said...

Hello Indy, these pictures are really amazing, I remember last year this is what made me love and follow your blog !
Kiss from Paris
Charlotte on Trip in my dressing

Madeline said...

Well they're still great :) I love that cape!

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