Wednesday, November 28, 2012

through a forest wilderness

 Lately I have been obsessed with layering my long socks over tights and leggings, and I've been surprised at how much warmer it actually does make me.  I'll tell you what - it definitely makes the romps in the woods more enjoyable when your toes aren't frozen!
 dress - thrifted ; sweater - H&M ; scarf - Brilliant Stranger ; 
boots - Minnetonka ; socks - Target ; hat - Fish Creek Moccasin Works


Well... said...

I will most definitely have to try this socks-over-tights/leggings poor toes like the idea of staying warm during the winter!
Haha, lovely layering you've done, and I love your fur hat :)

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Emily P. said...

I've been layering long socks over tights underneath boots as well, and it definitely keeps my legs much more warm. I'm jealous of your snow! Unfortunately, I live in a place where snow is a rarity.

marama said...

You look amazing! Great colors =)

Teddi said...

i quite adore this winter wonderland outfit you have created dear indy! :)

wardrobeexperience said...

cute and cozy winter look. those fringe boots are just adorable.

seacreatures said...

meh! i must not have hit send on my comment!
anyhoo, i love this outfit! looks like you are about to disappear into the wilderness. so lovely :)

Shio Waline said...

Ahhhh.......... I have seriously seriously been drooling over those Minnetonka boots!! Love them! And your outfit is so comfy cute! :)


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